Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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19. Episode 19

Raj’s family all get into the car. In the same format but Raj is driving.

Pia: Wow, how did you pick that decision so quickly?

Amber: I know, we were only there 3 hours. 

Raj: Well when it is the right person then you just know.

Kokila: She is very nice and the family is very nice. I know because everyone is talking about her and her family.  In India and here. Even America.

Simran: Wow, you got lucky they liked you. 

Raj: Thanks Simran.

Kokila: Now stay in their good books. (Raj gets a text.) Who is it from?

Raj: From Mahi. She says, just checking if the number was right. Do you want to- Wait a minute. I am not telling you lot. By the way I am busy tomorrow. (They all laugh.)

It now goes into the news agents; Dillip is putting cans in the fridges. Radha enters.

Radha: Hello.

Dillip: Oh, Radha beta. Thank you so much you are here. I need help with the entire shelf filling.   

Radha: I’ll get on to it.

Dillip: Thank you Radha, I suspect you want something in return.

Radha: Yep.

Dillip: One of my stories right. About Pia and Amber.

Radha: Yes, please!

Dillip: Yep. I know them very well. There grandfather used to be my friend, but we haven’t seen them in ages. But I always remember the two girls and everyone was talking about them because you know why.

Radha: And...

Dillip: And she looks just like you.

Radha: Yes, I will always remember that. I know she is related to me somehow. I just don’t have the guts to ask my mum. I know my ‘dad’ Ted is not my real dad. And I know that I am not an only child. I have 2 sisters and lots of cousins.

Dillip: You know nearly as much as I do. I do feel sorry for you. Living by yourself, all alone. But I do admire your optimism. That is a great feature.

Radha: I have to keep busy; I will find out if I will get into university. 

Dillip: You are going to get in! Don’t worry!

Radha: Thanks, let’s just hope. Now tell me the story!

It now goes to a scene with Raj in his room. Amber goes in.

Raj: Hi Amber. What brings you here?

Amber: Well, I was thinking, did you actually like that girl Mahi.

Raj: Yes, then if I didn’t I wouldn’t of said marry me.

Amber: But how were you sure that she was the right one because you only had a twenty minute convocation with her.

Raj: Well you just know, you will smile, it is a feeling you will get when you are getting married. Plus she is very nice and she is very educated.

Amber: Wow really, I don’t want to you know change traditions but I was thinking. What happens when I don’t get that feeling?

Raj: Then I will tell you if it was the right guy.

Amber: Deal! (They hug and then Kajal enters.) Hi Kakie, how do you feel that your son is going to get married?

Kajal: Very happy, very happy!

Amber: Good, and do you think Mahi is nice?

Kajal: Obviously otherwise I would make sure that Raj cuts all ties with her.

Raj: Mum!

Kajal: Just for your safety. If you did like a girl who I didn’t approve of, what would you do?

Raj: I wouldn’t marry her but in my next life, I will try marry her.

Amber: So cute.

Raj: Yeah, I saw it one of Yash Raj’s films! (They all laugh.)

Kajal: Now we have to get the marriage a go. So that means Mendi night, Vidi, wedding and reception. The girl will pay, they have enough money but we will pay for the reception. It is going to be great. 

Raj: It isn’t all about the money; it is about what she will bring to the family. That is the most important thing. So Amber remember that. Girls have to be like that. It is hard to find guys so we need to make sure he is like that, the one you like. 

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