Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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18. Episode 18

Raj and everyone gets out from the car. The family are there to greet them. They are:

Mahi Kinjal Manav Solchana

Kinjal: Hello, welcome to the house, I am Kinjal. Please come in. (They all go in. Raj goes and touches Kinjal and Manav’s feet. They all then enter the house. He goes and then touches Solchana’s feet.)

Solchana: Hello, please come in and sit. (Everyone sits down.)

Manav: How is everyone?

Sachin: We are all well.

Manav: Let me introduce you to my family. (He points at everyone.) This is my wife, this is my daughter Mahi and this is my mum Solchana.

Kajal: That is nice. This is our family. (She points at everyone.) This is my mother-in-law Kokila, this is my son Raj, this is my daughter Simran, this is my brother-in-law Sachin and his wife Mino and this is their daughters Pia and Amber. This is Avi, my daughter’s husband.

Manav: Big family. Wow! And you all live together.

Kokila: Yes. My husband and my son couldn’t make it today. 

Manav: Wow. I am an only child and Mahi is an only child so it is weird to see a big family. So let’s talk about the marriage.

Kokila: So Mahi, you look so beautiful.

Mahi: Thank you.

Kokila: Now we are just going to ask you a few questions. (Simran, Pia and Amber laugh.)

Pia: Sorry it is just so funny.

Kokila: Anyways, answer honestly. (She asks questions and she answers them back and then the other family members talk to Mahi and her family. Raj is happy by the answers. We can’t hear them talking it is all in mime.)

Manav: We haven’t even got the young ones to talk, Raj beta and Mahi beta, you guys talk.

Kokila: That means no one else, girls.

Pia: Okay. (Raj and Mahi go off to the dining table.)

Kokila: Raj looks interested, I can tell.

Solchana: (She is talking to herself.) Match made in heaven I think.

It now goes to Mahi and Raj in the dining room.

Raj: I am sorry about those questions.

Mahi: No, I don’t mind. It proves you are out there for the right person.

Raj: Did you really answer them honestly? Like the questions about living together.

Mahi: Yeah, they were all true to heart. My mother always tells me that living together will help you. When you are busy with work, then your children would have someone to talk to. The grandparents.

Raj: I agree. My mum is always like that.

Mahi: My grandmother told me about your dad and you.

Raj: So you are not interested.

Mahi: I know you wouldn’t do what you did without being forced.

Raj: How do you know all of this?

Mahi: My grandmother. I think we are right for each other. Do you agree?

Raj: 110 per cent.

Mahi: I am a nice person and I am not quick to judge. So once I heard it, I found out that my grandmother was right. I am so sorry for what you went through. It must have been a tough time.

Raj: Kind of.

Mahi: I will tell you something. I haven’t told anyone except my grandma.

Raj: What is it?

Mahi: My granddad hated me; she would wish death on me.

Raj: We have something in common.

Mahi: That’s why I decided to meet you.

Raj: Really? That’s really nice.

Mahi: You do know we have like this day to decide if we are getting married.

Raj: Yep. My Ba told me. Are we?

Mahi: You decide. I think a couple of dates will do it.

Raj: Don’t sorry, I think it is time. Let’s go.

Raj and Mahi got to the living room where everyone else is.

Kajal: What have you guys decided?

Kokila: Have you decided if you want to get married?

Kinjal: So we can decide the date.

Mino: And the venue.

Sachin: And music.

Pia: Basically everything.

Raj: Yes, I accept.

All: Yes! (Everyone cheers and gets happy, everyone hugs Mahi and Raj.)

Pia: Yes, can’t wait for a wedding, and then I get to do something to do with the wedding!

Amber: No work! (They all laugh and then get excited. Then they all sit down on the chairs.) 

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