Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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17. Episode 17

It is now the next day after the party. Pia and Amber are in Raj’s room. Raj is going through clothes.

Raj: This has to be perfect. I need to find someone fast. They need to think of me like wow.

Pia: Stop stressing it will be great.

Raj: How do you guys know that? How?

Amber: Because you are a great guy and a great brother and people are going to see that and love you.

Raj: Thanks for the boast in confidence. What will I do without you guys? (He goes to them a hugs them.)

Pia: Okay, now I will pick your clothes out.

Raj: Really?

Pia: Yeah. (She goes through clothes.)

Raj: Pia, when are you going to get married?

Pia: I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever get married. I won’t be able to find the right guy. After seeing my dad’s first marriage it kind of put me of. I mean I don’t want to be fighting with my partner and also I don’t want to get angry. It is really hard to live someone for the rest of my life. Then my dad’s next marriage being a bit weird so had to divorce her. It is now really hard to find your right match. And now my dad’s third marriage is going okay but not really well. Also love hurts and I really wanted to marry for love. 

Raj: Wow, really?

Pia: Plus I don’t really want to leave home. Dada and Ba accepted me and I don’t want to leave them. (They all laugh.) But it is true. Watching the reality of your parents make you realise how hard marriage is. It isn’t easy.

Raj: Pia, don’t scare poor Amber?

Amber: Well, I am definitely getting married. I want kids, just like me and Pia.

Pia: Well that is one thing I can’t have if I don’t get married. (There is three second pause.) 

Raj: We are so depressing talking about life stories and marriage. Come on let’s talk about something else.

Kajal and Kokila are in the kitchen, they are talking and laughing. Mino enters the kitchen.

Mino: Hello mum. Any help in the kitchen today?

Kokila: We have already made Dal and Bhat.

Mino: Oh, Indian food again.

Kajal: Oh, you don’t like it.

Mino: Not really.

Kajal: Well we will have pizza tomorrow.

Kokila: Okay, I won’t be here. I am going to friend’s house. So that will be good.

Mino: Okay, we will have that.

Kokila: We have done the food now, so we can all go to that Raj’s new suitor’s house.

Kajal: Devesh and Shashi can’t come though, some business thing which they are out for. But Sachin and the rest are going.    

Kokila: Great, let’s get in the car.

Raj, Pia, Amber, Simran and Kokila are in one car and Pia is driving. Sachin, Mino, Avi and Kajal are in the other car.

Pia: Don’t be worried.

Raj: I am not worried.

 Amber: We can see it in your face. You are scared.

Raj: Literally I am not. Ba, what is her name?

Kokila: It is Mahi Patel, don’t worry she is from our community and she is a pharmacist. She runs it and she sometimes goes in. But she already has pharmacists there. She does have a degree.

Raj: Wow, imagine how much money we can make. Ba have you got the questions?

Kokila: Yes.

Simran: You have questions already. You can’t ask them. Be spontaneous.

Raj: No they are good questions.

Kokila: When I was picking Devesh a lovely wife, it was just like an interview. (They all laugh.)

Pia: What?

Kokila: Yes, really! We would all sit in the room and ask questions. Then they would go out for lunch, for one hour.

Amber: One hour!

Kokila: Then they would say yes or no.

Pia: Wow!

Kokila: All in one day. (They all laugh.)

Simran: God, mine was slightly like that.

Kokila: We need to get in this generation so rules bent.

Raj: So funny! I just hope she is nice and be part of this family. We will all live together and she must be able to cook and not be a careers woman.

Amber: What’s that?

Raj: Always focusing on their career than their family.

Amber: Don’t worry, she probably isn’t like that.

Kokila: You will just have to wait and see.   



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