Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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15. Episode 15 - 15th Anniversary Special

Pia, Amber and Simran are all in the bedroom.

Pia: This mission is going to take forever. I am going to go downstairs and tell them everything.

Amber: What? They are going to kill you!

Pia: It doesn’t matter. They can’t treat their granddaughter like this even though I have done a lot to them. (She walks down the stairs.)

Simran: She is going to make a bad decision. I can’t watch our sister get hurt. Let’s just hear it from here.

Pia: (She enters the kitchen and is now really angry. Shashi and Kokila both look at her.)

Shashi: The food is okay, needs work.

Pia: Ba, Dada, stop being so rude. You are going to make me sleep in the loft, what will happen if I said this, I am Pia you’re granddaughter. (They both are shocked, Simran and Amber run down the stairs and Kokila and Shashi stand up.) Simran and Amber have been helping me reunite with all of us. I thought you were going to be nice enough to let me stay in your house and be nice to me but I was so wrong. If you wouldn’t do that to someone that is going to cook your food there is no point in trying. Now you know who I am, you are probably going to say get out and I am going to get out, but I need to tell you a couple of things. Me and my dad have been living alone. By ourselves. We moved from our house into a pent house. We miss Amber so much since you took her away from us. My dad now wants to move to Canada and become a doctor there. He wants to leave here because he knows that you won’t ever accept him. It is probably true but that is a mean thing to do. (They are all shocked and Kokila has tears in her eyes.) He has changed since Mina has left. He has changed but you won’t forget the past, you need to forget about that. I think he will change now because he now trusts his parents. He has changed his ways. I was hoping you would. I was wrong. You will never change your ways and I think that is wrong. You will never change your ways. Do you want your son to suffer? And what the hell happened to Raj? I know what happened but he is so young. You can’t kick him out; he was only 14 year old. I don’t care what he done. On top of that you lied to everyone saying that he has gone to boarding school. You are so full of shame. I don’t want to live with you. You are so annoying me a lot now. Now what do you have to say? Tell me! You tell me now!

Shashi: Pia, for the last 3 years. We realised our mistakes for disowning all three of you. We were shocked to see you because we have been searching and searching for you and we finally found you. We have felt bad for disowning Raj. So we were also trying to find him. It has been hard but we still can’t find him.

Pia: Well he is living with my dad; he has been really living rough. He had to pay rent and he lived in an old dark flat. My dad found him and he is living in with him. He also achieved high G.C.S.E results and A-Levels and he is studying medicine. He is doing work experience with my dad. So you caused him and he could have called the police and went into care and had you all locked up. But he didn’t. He didn’t do that and now he has been suffering.

Shashi: God, we have to see him.

Kokila: I am going to have two grandchildren who are doctors and hopefully Amber is one.

Pia: So now you want to act like good grandparents and get him and re-unite us all. But he already said he will not come back to you all until you accept us.

Shashi: We do accept you, and I am glad you gave that speech and arrived here today. (She goes up to them and touches their feet and then hugs them both.) The food was delicious. (They all smile and Amber and Simran both smile and hug there sister/cousin sister.)   

Kokila: Now we need to find Sachin and then we will be a family again!

They all smile and laugh. Pia, Amber, Simran, Kokila and Shashi all get in the car, Simran and Amber put suitcases in the back boot. Shashi then drives out.)

Shashi: Okay Pia, where do we go from here?

Pia: We have a problem.

Kokila: What?

Pia: They are in the big city.

Shashi: I need to re-unite with them fast so they can live in Ireland and I will still go today itself.

Pia: So we will probably be you know 5 days away from home.

Kokila: Good thing we packed our clothes.

Pia: I will call my dad and make sure that nothing is going on. (She rings him.) Hi dad.

Sachin: Hi, how are you?

Pia:  I am fine.

Sachin: How is the course?

Pia: It is great; by the way we are coming to the house. Hence you have to stay at home.

Sachin: Okay, Raj and I were just going through the booklet so we were going to stay at home anyway.

Pia: Stay at home for these last couple of days. It will take time for me to come. 

Sachin: Okay. Bye!

Pia: Bye! (She puts the phone down.) Let’s go.

It is now the next day and they are all in the car and Pia is now driving. Everyone is asleep except Kokila and Pia. Kokila and Pia are in the front seats.

Kokila: That was all part of the plan wasn’t it, the whole speech.

Pia: Yeah.

Kokila: Good plan, it will be our secret. I always wanted the family to be together again. I really wanted that. You brought it to me. Thank you so much.

Pia: It is okay. Before we get to emotional I am putting a song on. (Anarkali Disco Chali plays and they both get excited.)

Kokila&Pia: Love this song! (They sing the song and dance a bit. Pia is still driving. The rest are still asleep.)

Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Oye hoye!
Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali
Arey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali

Arey dekh ke tujhko
Mujhko machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali, disco chali
Anarkali disco chali

Baby rock the night
On the floor hold it tight
Anarkali rock the floor, tonight

Ek situmgarr. Ne mujhko
Deewaron mein. Chunwaaya a.
Mere dil ki dhadkan pe
Laakh pehre lagwaaya a.
Mujhko pyaari azaadi
Qaid mein ab nahi rehna
Zulm zaalim wahesi ka
Ab na mujhko hai sehna
Mujhko hip-hop sikha de
Beat ko top karaa de
Thoda sa trance baja de
Mujhko ik chance dila de
Main ghoom loon, main jhoom loon
Main jhoom loon

Arrey chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Aaye haye!
Chhod-chhad ke apne salim ki gali
Anarkali disco chali

Arrey dekh ke tujhko dil mein machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali
Chali re chali, disco chali
Anarkali disco chali
Anarkali disco chali

Kokila: It isn’t the best movie, but the song is really good. It is from Houseful 2.

Pia: My dad sings it all the time, when it comes on. We have B4U Music on the TV.

Kokila: We also have Zing and Zee TV.

Pia: Same, do you watch Pavitra Rishta and Saath Nibanna Sathiya?

Kokila: I stopped watching P-R because it got really stupid after the 20 year leap.

Pia: My first challenge is to get you hooked on to that show.

Kokila: Simran and Amber got me hooked on to Saath Nibhana Saathiya. When is Ahem going to forgive Gopi, Meera is still alive!

Simran: (Simran wakes up. Then amber wakes up.) What are you guys talking about?

Kokila: Indian soap operas.

Simran: They are good aren’t they?

Amber: When did dad get them?

Pia: After I begged.

The scene now goes to Raj and Sachin. Sachin is watching Pavitra Rishta and Raj comes in.

Raj: When did you get hooked on them?

Sachin: After Pia begged to get them. I had to watch it.

Raj: Is this Pavitra Rishta? It has changed. Did Archana dump Manav?

Sachin: Nope, it was a 20 year leap.

Raj: Whoa, so who is that?

Sachin: That is Archana’s granddaughter, Ankita. She got married to mad, but nice Naren. (He explains it but we can’t hear what is going on.) Pia and I watch it, she is probably missing it now.

It now goes back to Pia in the car.

Pia: We are here. Now this is the plan. I will go in and then you coming in. Pavitra Rishta is on.

Simran: We get it.

Simran wakes up Shashi. Pia goes in and the rest follow. Pia opens the door and leaves it open and then goes to her dad.

Pia: Hi dad.

Sachin: I was explaining to Raj about the show.

Pia: Great I didn’t miss it.

Simran: Do you mind if we watch it as well? (The all enter the house and they all have smiles on their faces. Raj and Sachin stand up and they are both in shock.)

Sachin: Pia, what the hell is going on?

Pia: We want to watch the show.

Kokila: As a family.

Shashi: Then we will discuss who is going to sleep where.

Sachin walks up to them and touches their feet. Sachin hugs his parents. He then hugs Amber.

Sachin: I have missed you so much.

Amber: Well, let’s watch the show. (They all sit down and watch the show. Raj goes into his room. Kokila, Shashi and Simran go into that room.)

Kokila: Sachin, can we go into that room?

Sachin: Go anywhere, I don’t care. This is your house. (The three of them enter.)

Kokila: Raj, we are sorry for what we did to you and put you through. It must have been really hard.

Raj: I deserved it, after what I did to you Simran. You are all accepting Kaka and Pia now, so I can now go back to my flat.

Simran: You know you are the smartest person in the whole family. Even if you have been through hell, you still got into medical school.

Raj: Don’t jinx it! You to, Dr Simran Patel.

Shashi: Now we have 2 doctor grandchildren. We didn’t know what happened to you. We did try to find you.

Raj: What about mum and dad?

Shashi: They still miss you and they thought it was us that you were not allowed to come back, but it was that we couldn’t find you.

Kokila: Let’s watch the show. (They all go to the living room and sit down. They laugh and talk and watch the show.)

Raj: So there was a big 20 year leap. It isn’t actually bad, and the new family seem so cool.

Kokila: This show is the best. Pia you succeed.

The characters all face the camera and are now talking to the camera.  

Sachin: Next episode there will be a 20 year leap, just like Pavitra Rishta.

Pia: Everyone is re-untied and there will be more dramas. (They all walk closer to the camera.)

Simran: Everyone will be older and having children, but some people will have to get married.

Amber: This is the start of where the real drama is and where Gujarati people can relate.

Shashi: These will include many things but you will have to stay tuned to find out more about it.

Kokila: Stay tuned and keep reading. Things are going to get funny and dramatic.

All: Stay tuned and you will find out. G-U-J-J-U! 

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