Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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10. Episode 10

Pia is in her room and Sachin enters.

Sachin: Guess what? When you are on your cooking course I will be somewhere else.

Pia: Where?

Sachin: Well I am doing work experience for someone. So I will be out and about.

Pia: Oh that’s great because you are a doctor and all that isn’t.

Sachin: Yes! Hey what do you want for dinner?

Pia: Well I wanted to say something as well.

Sachin: Okay.

Pia: I won’t be here. I need to practise my cooking skills so I am going to go and live with a family and they will eat my food and let me stay there.

Sachin: That sounds like fun.

Pia: So we both won’t be here.

Sachin: But when we come back we will plan out trip and stay at Canada.

Pia: Yeah okay, I will make your favourite as there is still some roti’s left in the garmo.

Sachin: Vagali Roti. My favourite! Thanks. (He goes to her and hugs her.)

Raj goes back to his flat and opens the door.

Raj: I thought life would be easier by myself, but really it is hell. It is hard to pay rent and eat food. I just have one thing to say, even though life has been hard on me, I still got my education. Now I realise that education doesn’t come first, it is actually health.

Simran enters the door and everyone runs after her. They all hug her.

Simran: It is great to be home. Now I get post and is says Dr Simran Patel. Get in!

Devesh: Not yet! Wait until you get married your surname will change.

Simran: Totally! I can’t deal with all the dramas of being a Patel. (They all laugh.) Hey Amber!

Amber: Hey Simran, it is great to have you back!

Simran: How are your studies?

Amber: Good but I just need to now revise.

Simran: If you every need experience, come to me and I will help you. Hey where is Raj? (Everyone frowns.)

Kokila: You might want to sit down for this. (They all sit down on the sofa and the floor.)

Raj goes into the doctor’s surgery and he sees his teacher Jane there.

Jane: You will meet the person you are going to be doing work experience with and then they will describe what will happen. It will be great.

Raj: Thanks so much for doing all of this.

Jane: It’s okay, after all you did get a scholarship.  

Raj: Thanks.

She leaves and Sachin enters the surgery. Raj spots him and Raj is in shock. He goes up to him and quickly touches his feet. Sachin feels it and then turns back but Raj has already gone. Raj goes into the office and sits on the chair. He waits for the doctor to come to see him.

Simran is angry.

Simran: I was fine!

Kokila: He should have never done that to you.

 Simran: It doesn’t matter.

Kajal: This is out way to saying sorry. Please forgive us.

Simran: Okay I do! I just want my brother. Get him back.

Shashi: We don’t know where he is.

Simran: What about our culture and society? What will they say if he leaves?

Kokila: We said he is at boarding school.

Simran: What, so you lied to everyone?

Amber: Well yes!

Simran: I can’t believe you lot. Why do that? He is going to make it in life and he isn’t going to now. It is really unfair on him. I am fine; I don’t care what happened to me, it doesn’t matter. Did you also let Pia and Sachin Kaka stay here now? This is unfair on them. You can’t keep doing like this. It is really unfair. I wonder where they all are now.

Pia is in her hotel room. She is combing her hair.

Pia: In a week’s time, after my exam I will return home and cook for my family. Then I will be with my family and my dad will be re-untied. They have to re-unite one day or another. We will be one again. Then and only then I will find my mum and get that baby of her. Oh I will! Trust me!

Sachin enters the office; Raj is at the back and cannot see him.

Sachin: Hello. (Raj turns around and they are both shocked.)

Raj: You? You’re a doctor?

Sachin: You are going to be a doctor?

Raj: Whoa! How are you?

Sachin: I am fine, good, better seeing you! What about you?

Raj: Fine!

Sachin: How are mum and dad and your parents?

Raj: I don’t know.

Sachin: What do you mean?

Raj: I live by myself; I have done for the last 5 years. I pay rent and everything. (Raj laughs.)

Sachin: Are you okay now?

Raj: Yeah, fine!

Sachin: You must be. You are now 19 years old.

Raj: Yeah, right!

Sachin: I must come down one day and we can have a catch up, you can come to my place as well.

Raj: No, it’s okay. You don’t need to come okay.

Sachin: Okay, fine. Let’s go through the rules.  

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