Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


18. Slenderman x reader I want your heart Part 1

Slenderman pov

I appeared into the bedroom of the human that seemed to catch my interest I don't know why but she reminded me of someone I don't exactly know who but I will find out soon I've watched her for exactly 5 months now I have found out her name is (Y/N) she is the age of (Y/A), Her parents are rarely home because of their jobs. She has one sibling that is younger than her he is seven years old. Her eyes are a beautiful color her skin tone is the sweetest shade, Her hair is also quite beautiful. I watched her sleep silently I think humans would call this creepy, I call this research. Why do I like this human I ask myself this question every time I watch her, She is not an immortal she is purely human and I can't decide my feelings for her I feel for her as I do for sally but very different I feel the need to protect her and keep her safe like I do for sally but I have a feeling of lust I haven't felt this feeling in years, I almost forgot what it feels like. I think tonight's the night I try some form of communication I just need to try. I left one of my notes on the outside of her window 'Always watching' it read, Hopefully she'll understand it.

Readers pov

I slowly fluttered my eyes open and sat up I stretched my arms out and yawned letting out a soft groan, I stepped out of my bed and walked past my window at the corner of my eye I saw something stuck on it. I backed up and opened my window and grabbed the piece of paper stuck to it, The texture of the paper was odd I flipped it looking at the other side of the paper I squinted in confusion what does always watching mean? Whatever the wind was probably blowing the paper around outside last night and the paper got stuck on my window seal..right? It's got to be that! I walked out of my room down the stairs into the kitchen I wasn't really paying attention to who was in the kitchen I didn't expect anyone to be in there I heard two voices say "morning sweetheart" "hey honey" I looked up wait what? My parents? I then spoke "I thought you guys wouldn't be home for another two weeks" they smiled and shrugged my mom replied "Well I finished the project on the business trip early and my boss told me I could go home" I looked at my dad for him to explain why he is also home early he spoke "Well I got a promotion and a raise my boss also told me I have two and a half weeks for my family and it was good timing because your mother was going to be home too" I nodded and said "Well I'm glad, Tyler could use some time with his parents and not only his sister" my mom frowned and said "I know Sweetheart I have some more good news" I lifted a eyebrow she then spoke again "I'm going to be changing up my work schedule I discussed it with my boss she agreed that I deserve a more open work schedule so I'm going to be home more working from home of course so I'll have more family time" I nodded and poured my self a bowl of cereal and sat down at the kitchen table with the two of them My dad asked "So wheres Ty?" I responded "Since it's the weekend I let him stay the night at his friends house down the street he is supposed to be home in about Three hours" My mom smiled and said "When did you become so grown up" I laughed slightly and responded "Well I decided since I was going to be taking care of Tyler I needed to become more responsible because of course for the 3 years you've been leaving for weeks at a time and only coming back for a couple days then leaving again and of course in that time Ty couldn't be deprived of things kids his age usually get to do I gave him simple chores and if those chores are done he gets to go to his friends houses for the weekend" My parents smiled.

I continued to eat my cereal My parents were up stairs unpacking I think. So my moms going to be around more that's good I guess..I mean I could have more me time. I finished my bowl of cereal and put it in the sink I walked up stairs to my room I saw my mom holding the paper that was on my window she looked at me and asked "Um (Y/N) what is this" I responded "Well it was caught on my window seal this morning" she looked worried and said "You lock up everything at night right" I nodded and said "Of course" she crumbled up the paper and put it in the trash on her way out. Later on in the day I sat on my bed surfing the web my door suddenly swung open and I looked over to see my little brother with a giant smile on his face he tackled me with a hug I giggled and hugged back I said "Hey kiddo did you have fun at your friends house" He nodded I saw my mom walk up to my doorway and lean against it with a smile on her face I got of my bed and set my laptop on my bed side table he grabbed my hand suddenly and pulled me to his room I asked his when I got to his "what? you want to show me something" He nodded and pulled his drawing book out of his bag and pulled me to where I was sitting on his bed, He opened the book and flipped the pages I saw endless goofy scribble drawings and then he landed on a page he pointed at the page it had a tall lanky figure it had a suite on and it had no face he then said "I had a dream about this guy and he was asking about you and stuff like he asked me what you like and he said he was a friend" I lifted a eyebrow and said "Okay bud no more scary movie nights" He pouted and replied "B-but but he isn't from a movie he is real" I got down on my knees to look him in the eyes and said "Ty there is no such thing in people like that your head probably made him up over all the scary movies we've watched together It's all in you're imagination" He still pouted I spoke again "I know it probably was very vivid but I know the feeling of vivid dreams you think you know for sure that they are real but they aren't Okay?" he nodded I sat up and said "It's lunch time come on lets go make you something" My mom came into the room and said "How about we go out for lunch" I nodded and told Ty to get dressed.

(Later that evening)

I laid in bed staring at my ceiling today was weird, very weird the paper this morning, My parents, Ty's drawing...I need sleep I turned on my side and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep


I ran down the long hallway to my brothers room and swung the door open I looked on the floor to see Ty on his knee's staring up at me and above Tyler to see that tall lanky man in Ty's drawing, I stayed in the door way staring not sure what to do the only thing on my mind was to get Tyler out of the room as fast as possible I stared at the creature that seemed to be staring back at me, My brother giggled and said "Sis look he was real after all he told me what he wants I think he could get it too" I glanced down at my brother quickly and stared back up at the thing again the thing spoke once even though it didn't have a mouth It said a sentence that could mean and thing or two. Sour or Sweet I don't know what to do, My eyes widened as I heard him say "I want your heart"

(End of dream)

I sat up quickly and I was breathing heavily What the fuck was that?! I rubbed my eyes and held my head I looked at my window for a second and in that one second I was terrified beyond belief I saw another note hooked to my window....

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