Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


7. Lost silver x reader (for alice)

(Lost silver pov)

(Y/N) shes pretty cute I hopped off the counter I was sitting on and walked into the living room there she was hanging out with him again I swear why does (Y/N) have to like Ben so much he's a slob a perv and he's lazy and she hangs out with him every day I just don't get it if your looking for a dead video game character here's one right here I'm like not lazy and I respect girls body's  I just don't get it 

((Y/N) pov)

I was playing games with my bff ben hes so awesome but he keeps telling me that he knows someone who likes me but he won't tell me who it is he's been giving me hints like he said hes missing somethings off his body I looked at Ben and said "can't you just tell me already" He laughed and said "Oh come of I gave you a hint" I stared at him with annoyence and said "Ben there is so many people in this house thats missing things off of there bodys" he just laughed some more and with that he stood up and walked into the kitchen. I'm so confused and I got up off the floor and fell onto the couch next to silver he looked and me and said "what was that all about?" I replied "Ben said that he knows someone who has a crush on me" silver kinda got wide eyed huh weird I then got up and walked up stairs to my room 

(Lost Silver pov)

Damn it Ben you lazy ass mother fu- no Silver stop it you better then that so no saying that word but I thought he wouldn't tell her now when she finds out she's probably gonna laugh in my face

-flashback last week-

Lost Silver was lieing on his bed staring at the ceiling bored out of his mind but he was thinking of someone how always made him happy her smile her laugh but just so happen Ben had just snuck into slendys potion cabinet and drank a mind reading potion and he walked past Lost Silvers door and heard his thoughts he was thinking about Ben's bestfriend (Y/N) Ben thought Oh god this is good so Ben walked into Lost Silvers room carelessly and said so you thinking about my bestfriend Lost Silver sat up quickly and stared at ben with confusion of how he found out about his crush ben smirked at Lost Silvers reaction and then he laughed and said don't worry I won't tell her man then he walked out Lost silver knew ben wanted her and he didn't believe that he would stop flirting and touching even knowing that he has a big crush on her

-End of Flashback-

((Y/N) pov) 

I just stare and think thats my plan then it came to my mind how can I be so stupid who here is missing the most bodyparts Lost Silver! I'm so stupid and when he god wide eyed when I said that omg I can't believe I didn't just know then and I-I have feelings for Lost Silver for a long time i just never talked about them I got up and ran out of my room all the way to Lost Silvers which is down the hall and saw Lost Silver and jumped on him and kissed him while she was kissing him she thought Oh shit! what if it was someone else but I don't have feelings for someone else so I hope its him she closed her eyes again and put her fingers in his hair and pulled back and said really fast "you have a crush on me right I mean I have had a crush on you for a long time but you were always hanging out with stitch and I assumed you were dating h-" I was cut off by his mecanical arms that slendy got him wrapping around my waist and pulling me down for another kiss and when he pulled away he said "I love you (Y/N)" I smiled and replied "I love you too Silver"

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