Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


2. Jeff the killer One-shot (personal One-shot for PTVandFIR aka cry)

 (Your pov)

 You were happily sleeping until you heard a crash from down stairs you got up to investigate you crept into the hallway trying not to make a sound you didn't want to wake up any of you family members if it was only like the your little sisters cat got out of her room and went down stairs and started knocking things over cause if that was the case your mom would be furious that you disturbed her sleep she was the worst mother anyone could have and I know she hated me by the hard hits she gives me for no reason at all everyday. You slowly walked down the stairs you looked around the living room nothing you walked into the kitchen you heard whining behind the counter you looked you saw a dog curled up you bent down and began to pet it but once it turned around you were startled a bit the dog had a big human smile you weren't scared you were shocked at the most when you saw his face you kept petting him he was looking at you you finally asked the dog as if he would answer back "You hurt boy?" but right when you ended your sentence you heard your mom scream you stood up quickly and told the dog to stay you ran up stairs and barged into your mothers room she was soaked in her own blood her guts laying on and around her body and her neck sliced you were to busy looking at you mom you didn't even notice the man that killed your mother staring at you you looked up at him he was very pale big eyes no eyelids and a smile from ear to ear it looked like it had been cut I knew exactly who he was Jeff the killer. You were staring at him in shock he finally said "she didn't deserve you Cry" You were shocked and you were thinking how the hell does he know my name so asked him exactly what you were thinking "How do you know my name" you said slightly trembling he replied "I have been watching you live and I saw your mom beating you I didn't like that so I did you a favor" You shook at the thought of someone watching you "Thank you for caring" I trembled out slightly he just kept staring he finally said "I have been wanted to do something" "What" you replied slightly out of it he walked right up to you and placed his lips against yours you were shocked but this man saved you so you finally kissed back you put your arms around his neck he pressed his waist up against yours and put is arms around your waist the kiss started to get more heated he tugged on you bottom lip asking for entrance which you granted your tongues fought against each other he won of course we broke away I stared at him in his eyes they looked at me with care he spoke out "Cry I love you" You replied happily "I love you too" at that moment you heard a small voice saying "sissy" it was your little sister (Y/C) you turned around she was in the door way of the room she asked "Is mommy ok" "uh yea mommy's fine go back to bed" you replied quickly "kk sissy" she said and wondered back into her room you turned to Jeff and kissed him when you pulled away you said "What am I going to do Jeff?" he replied "Come with me you and you and your sister" you said back to him "In the Creepypasta mansion" "Yup" he said then you didn't even notice that dog you saw earlier sitting beside you. you started to think about it then nodded then thought living in a house full of killers this is gonna be fun.

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