Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


5. Jeff the killer One-shot for Kc part 1

(Y/N) pov)

another day at a horrible school of boredom I thought as I got to my schools steps I went in and walked to my locker. I finally got to my locker and I heard people talking about how there is a new kid my friend Katie walked up to me and said hey (Y/N) so have you heard that there is a new kid? I replied "How can I not people are yelling it in the halls" She giggled and said I heard hes cute and he got in a fight with randy and his gang and I know someone that needs a boyfriend she said in a teasing tone I knew she was talking about me and really I don't think I want a boyfriend yet so I just said stop it to her and started to walk to my first class of the day which was English. I got to the class and sat down in my usual seat which was in the back cause me like the back of the class and when everyone settled a boy walked in he had brown hair and amazing blue eyes I have to admit that he was sorta cute the teacher said to him "Oh hello you must be the new student can You tell the class your name and something about yourself" He nodded and said "Hi my names Jeff I just moved here with my parents and my little brother Liu" The teacher said "that's nice and you may take a seat right back there next to (Y/N). he wondered over to the seat next to mine and the teacher said "Alright (Y/N) you wouldn't mind sharing the book we are reading with Jeff I don't have an extra copy" I nodded and he scooted his desk and chair next to mine and we shared the book. The teacher stood up and said alright class this book we are reading we are going to have a partner project on it and I will pick partners so here we go Katie and Jessie, Jake and Juilie , Jeff and (Y/N) I was shocked yet not shocked that the teacher paired us up one reason is because we are sharing a book tho I looked at him and said "So where do you wanna do the project" He replied my place is fine

Timeskip afterschool

I was walking to Jeff"s house with his brother who was sweet yet quiet I think he was still thinking about randy Jeff did tell me that Liu did not take well to these situations. We got to Jeff and liu's house they walked in and I followed quietly I met there parent were nice then me and Jeff went up to his room we entered and he sat on the bed I pulled out the book and said "alright to we are supposed to right are own play or something about romance" Jeff looked at me and chuckled and said "Okay I'm not that good at that kind of stuff tho" So I helped him with it and we worked together and well I like him he is sweet and kind of odd like me. After we got half of the project done we decided to get the other half done on Thursday since its due on Friday so he asked me if I wanted to hang out for a little longer so I did we were just sitting in his room talking about stuff and we found out that we have a lot in common. I was looking threw everything being the nosey bitch dat I am well he was sitting on his bed he looked at me and said "what are you doing" I replied "Uh just looking around I'm kinda nosey so uh whats up" he was about to say something when someone knocked on there door Jeff got up and walked down stairs I followed quietly when we got down stairs his mother was standing at the door and a police officer she turned around and said "Jeff this police officer is here for you and liu he tells me that you stabbed and beat up these poor kids" She looked at me and said "(Y/N) dear do you mind going up and getting liu" I nodded and went and got Liu we came down stairs and liu walked to the police officer and said "I did it sir my brother had nothing to do with it" Jeff looked at liu and had a sad face and said "you don't have t-" Jeff was caught off by Liu Liu said "Jeff please don't try and take the blame for me" Jeff was quiet the officer looked at Liu and said "well boy we need to take you off to juvey now" Jeff's mother was crying Jeff had a really sad face I looked at him and hugged him I just hugged him he hugged back and buried his face in to my neck I haven't known him long but I felt that I should hug him it felt right. Jeff went back up to his room I followed he sat on his bed with his eyes looking at his legs I sat next to him and said "he will be out before you know it Jeff don't worry" Jeff looked at me and said " He took the blame for me I stabbed and beat up those jerks why would he do that?" I then said "Well maybe since you saved him from the randy he thought he owed you" Jeff looked at me and said maybe I hugged his side he hugged me back

(time skip that kids party)

I was in a fucking dress I can't believe my mom actually got me into this I walked over to Timmy's house with my parents well I was walking over I saw Jeff I walked over to him and his parents and said "Do you mind if I steal your son" They laughed and said go ahead I held his hand and walked off to the party I walked threw the place and went to the back yard of the house kids were out playing me and Jeff were sitting on the stairs of the deck that was there I was still holding his hand I asked Jeff if he wanted a drink he said yes so i went to get one for him i stood up and walked in to the house Timmy stopped me and started talking to me I didn't want to be impolite so I talked to the new 5 year old but then all the parents started rushing outside I walked out side to and saw Jeff and randy and Randy's gang fighting randy poured bleach that was on the deck and randy friend had a lighter and opened it and threw it at Jeff I screamed and watched as the parents tried to put the flame out Jeff's parents called an abulense I got inside lieing and saying i was his sister his parents went along with it knowing how much I cared about Jeff  we got to the hospital I was in the room with him i fell asleep in the chair I was sitting in. Jeff bandeges come off today and liu's out of juvey so all of us are sitting in jeffs hospital room waiting the doctor started to cut off the bandeges they were off it didn't look like jeff but i care about him no matter what Jeff got up and walked to a mirror he started laughing and he touched his face I walked over and said you like it he looked at me and smiled he hugged me I hugged back he looked in the mirror some more he kept saying its perfect his mother was getting worried cause he started to act a little crazy I hugged Jeff and said "Glad your happy Jeff but I need to go I'm really tired" I kissed his cheek and called my parents to come and pick me up.

I woke up in my bed I looked across the street and I said well Jeff is usually awake right now I'm gonna go and see him I climbed threw my window and walked across the street I climbed up to Jeff's window and climbed threw it so sign of Jeff I walked into the hallway the light was on I walked into Liu's room I covered my mouth from what I saw liu was covered in blood laying on his bed I backed away terrified I bumped into someone it was jeff blood covered white Jacket cut smile and burnt off eyelids I was facing him he pushed me up against the wall and wispered in my ear "Oh my dear (Y/N) you have no idea what you have walked into" my eyes were wide then I felt something hard against my head all I saw was black but before I drifted off in to complete darkness I felt a kiss on my right cheek


okay well I have decided to have this one a two parter too why idk I just feel like it so yuuus.


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