Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


4. Hoodie x reader (Personal) for Shadow part 1

(Your P.O.V)

I was walking threw the forest I don't know why I do this randomly but I like to. I just find a tree that has a good place to sit but climbing on it and draw probably do my homework You know stuff like that I found a perfect tree I climbed up it and sat down and began to draw something or some one I had in my dream last night he wore a hood and he was quiet I thought he was adorable and mysterious so I decided to draw him. I'm almost done with my drawing when I hear walking I looked around there were these two guys walking towards the tree I think they oblivious that I was up here when they came closer in view One of them had a mask on and I got a closer look of the other guy holy fuck its the guy from my dream when I saw that I got kinda startled and fell from the tree and then all I saw was darkness and I felt some one pick me up

(Hoodie's pov)

A girl just fell from the sky!? I jumped at this Masky said "calm down dude she was probably sitting on one of the branched of the tree and accidentally fell off the tree k" I nodded I looked at her she was adorable I mean she is really cute and she looks hurt then I said "Um Masky I I d-don't think we should t-take her back to the mansion what if she gets hurt" Masky looked at me and said "Dude we can just tell them to back off" "k" I replied with that Masky Picked her up and we started walking back to the mansion

(Time skip to the mansion)

(Hoodie's Pov)

We walked in to the mansion and masky walked off into the living room with her I followed him he set her on the couch jeff was sitting in a chair beside the couch EJ was sitting on the couch which masky told him to get off the couch so he could set her down when he did I got on my knees and exaimed he looks Its kinda creepy but I am creepy I looked in her pockets and found a wallet I opened it oh! there's a school ID it says shes (your age) Um and shes in the (your grade) her name is Shadow well I like her name I put the wallet back in he pocket I looked at Masky and said quietly "I really don't think she is safe here why don't we bring her to the shack" Masky replied "We can't do that until Toby get's back he took the keys with him" I nodded and picked her up and brought her up to one of the vacant rooms in the mansion and set her down on the bed and locked her in. I walked down the stairs and into the living room and fell onto the couch re thinking the events.


So I have decided to make this a two parter just because to the next part will probably be here in a couple of days

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