Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


17. Hoodie x reader part 3

(Y/N) pov 

I was just listening to Masky and Toby talk they told me that they are murders My eyes got wide and suddenly I only saw black


"Mommy where are you" I called from up stairs as I woke up from my sleep it was 2 am I got out of bed after I didn't hear a response from my mom I opened my door slowly holding my little white cat doll with blue button eyes it was my favorite, The door creaked as I opened it I walked out into the hall and wandered off to my mom's room it was oped just a crack I pushed it open all the way and there was no sign of my mom I turned around and made my way to the top of the stairs I walked down the stair case slowly step by step once I got to the bottom I saw the thing that made me not fazed by blood and gore anymore I saw my mother on the ground sitting there smiling sadistically holding a broken wine bottle it was dripping with a crimson color I looked at the ground just below her was her boyfriend of 4 years Jason he was in a puddle of the same crimson liquid and his shirt was soaking in it h-he was the one I known as my daddy he told me when mommy made no sense go up into my room and to plug my ears and try to fall asleep and dream of kittens and puppy's he was the only one who could make mommy better when she made no sense. My mother stared at me and did nothing just stared at me I didn't want to let my tears drop I didn't want to make a move cause I was afraid  if I made a move she would make a move suddenly her smile dropped her eyes filled with tears she spoke in a clear voice  "Sweetie go back to bed I don't want to see you till I am better" you can hear the regret in her voice I didn't want to refuse so I just nodded and walked up the stairs still not letting the tears flow then and there I was fucked and I kept a promise I made to Jason my daddy "No matter was happens keep that pretty smile and be as chirpy as possible just stay happy promise me you will" "I will daddy I promise"

-End of flashback-

Tear flowed down my face I opened my eyes and slowly sat up I was in a wooden walled room there was a single double bed with green and grey bedding and a bed side table I put my legs over the side of the bed and began to stand up I walked up to the door checking the door its was unlocked I twisted the door knob and pulled it open I stepped into a living room there on the couch was two of the three guys um I think Hoodie and Masky I walked over to the side of the couch into there view Masky looked up and said "Oh look who's awake in front of the mansion you kinda just passed out" I looked at them like they weren't serious I then said "Oh really now I was just told by the three guy in front of me they are serial killers" Masky laughed and said "Hey we have been doing for so long we think it's a normal thing" I nod and stare at Hoodie he waves and I waved back and cracked a small smile Masky spoke "Oh yea he usually doesn't talk much I was surprised when he talked to you the first day you met him" I nodded and they suddenly Hoodie spoke "Why aren't you fazed by the fact we are killers" I looked him the.. well mask..and I said "I don't want to be unhappy I try to be as happy as possible with the events going on in my life and go along with them but then again there are personal reasons" he nodded Masky looked like he was thinking about something I walked over to a chair and sat down in it I then began to ask "So what do you guys plan to do with me" Masky quickly responded "Well your not going back it's already been decided you are going to stay here with us and we have to take care of you" I sighed and nodded Masky spoke once again "Alright now tell me the reason why you have a news article of a murder story in your sketch book" My eyes widened and I said "You went through my sketch book" Masky nodded and said "Yes I seen all the..creative drawing and that I want a explanation" I looked at the ground and began to speak.

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