Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


14. hoodie x reader part 2

 Y/N pov

All I saw was darkness my head hurt all I remember is I think I was sitting in a tree I think I fell but I feel like I'm in a bed did some random stranger just pick me up! oh my god what if they are a rapist or something I hope that's not the case……… I tried to open my eyes there was a lamp with rose designs and a night stand a very nice red antique carpet I lifted my self up and looked around the rest of the unknown room I was asleep in for god knows how long the bed was a huge king sized bed the place looked free of electronics there was a door to the right side of the bed and a door at the end of the bed i think that's the closet and the right side one is the way out I stood up and I went to the door and tried to open it….it was locked I tried the other door locked too I went to the window aha it's not locked I opened it and looked for a way down I climbed out my leg slipped and I well I think I fell on someone oh god I opened my eyes and I saw a boy or man with a mask and a hood on oh jesus I stared in shock he just stared back through his mask too I'm guessing cause he wasn't moving at all well now I'm thinking he is knocked out I finally moved up and stood up and came face to face with two men one with a black and white mask and blacked out eyes and black lips and the other with orange goggles and a mouth mask I screamed and they grabbed my arms and covered my mouth one of them said "shhh your going to get yourself killed don't scream" I nodded and they took their hand off my mouth and the one with the black and white mask said "look you fell out of a tree we didn't want to leave you there so we brought you here but that was like a week ago" I then said "A week! oh my god my parents my school" I went into a rant in a worried voice then I calmed myself down and said "Well why are you guys wearing masks!" they laughed and the one with goggles said "I'm surprised you don't know who we are we are all over the internet we just need to keep our selves and in the hiding" they chuckled I just stared listening to them

Hoodie's pov

God dammit what happen I think I passed out but how I opened my eyes I saw the girl talking to Masky and Toby I stood up they looked at me and the girl looked at me she quickly said "I'm so sorry I kinda was escaping through the window and I fell on you on accident" she blushed I said it was okay damn oh my god s-she's so adorable.



short yet it's part two and i'm going to do a 3 soon so babaiii   

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