Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


13. Hoodie x reader lime ;)


(Y/N)'s pov

I don't know why do they put this shit on tests…….Well of course I didn't study but still it's painful for my brain especially in history how the hell am I suppose to know when the thingy ma jig person found the thing…ma jig. So I just started choosing random things then the bell rung I handed in my poorly done test grabbed my stuff and walked out at least its the last class of the day I walked to my locker and grabbed my stuff shoved it in my bag and tried to rush out right when I got to my car some one was leaning against my car door and it's the person I hate the most his name was johnny anderson he was a low life son of a bitch who didn't even care about anyone accept himself and he thinks that he can get any girl well accept me. I walked up to him and said "Move jackass" he just smirked so I shoved him off my car and got in and drove. I'm not that heartless I just hate him i'm still a virgin and will not ever give it to a guy like johnny I mean I have a loving boyfriend who I can't to public relationship stuff but I still love him and I have been with him for 3 years now, his name is jay or hoodie he prefers hoodie though and I spend almost all my time with him when I'm not in crappy school or being forced to socialize by my parents. nobody knows about Hoodie I just remember the night I met him and the moment when I fell in love with him 


I was sitting on my bed lights out room as hot as can be so i got up to open the window I wasn't paying attention so I pulled my window open and became face to face with something I urged to scream but before I could it covered my mouth and grabbed my arms and held them together I was terrified he then sat me and my bed took his hand off my mouth and said "I won't hurt you" I stared still to terrified to say something he placed his hand on my cheek I trembled still not saying anything he then starting talking again "Look this may sound creepy but I have been watching you (Y/N) and I think I love you" I stared shocked at was this boy or thing said he then talked again "Please give me a chance" 

(End Flashback)


I'm so happy that I gave him a chance he's the love of my life I know every teenage girl says that but i'm 18 know and that happen when I was 15 years old and are relationship has been perfect I can say proudly that I have never been truly mad at him. 

(Timeskip by meow the word cause its so perfect)

Playing the waiting game hoodie normally would be here at this time which was 2 am late but it when he gets free time off of work. I was reading a book and I heard my window open I didn't look because I knew who it was then I felt a hand on my leg I looked up and hoodie was rubbing my leg I smiled he got on the bed and laid next to me he started playing with my hair he took off his mask and his hood god I loved his handsome green eyes and brown hair his smile and shyness I just love it all he went up and kissed my cheek and put his face into my neck I giggled and grabbed my remote and was about to turn on my tv he grabbed the remote out of my hand and threw it I giggled again and gave him a questioning look he just said "no tv cuddle" so I moved down a bit facing him and kissed him he kissed back I released the kiss and he was blushing like a tomato I just giggled he is so adorable. It's incredible to think how shy and fragile he is and what he does for a living. he was playing with my hands and he spoke "so I was thinking maybe we can do something tonight" I blushed "what do you mean well what do you want to do" he didn't answer he just kissed me and hovered over me he kissed with such passion and love I kissed him back and he licked my bottom lip for entrance I let him enter our tongues rubbed against each other and then broke the kiss and he started kissing my neck and hoddie tugged at the end of my shirt so I took it off and he kissed down my chest hoodie was just getting ready to take my (F/C) bra off when someone came threw my window I sqealed and grabbed a pillow and covered my half naked top half and I noticed that it was Masky who came threw the window hoodie looked very irritated at him Masky then said "hate to break your little moment but slender wants us to go to work now" Hoddie sighed and grabbed his mask he kissed me one last time before he put it back on and then he pulled up his hoodie before he jumped out the window he looked at me and said "I love you and we will continue that later but get some sleep" I nodded and said while blushing like hell "I love you too and okay" he then jumped leaving me really flustered. 


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