Creepypasta (One-shot requests)

So this is another One-shot request thing request in the comments leave the certain Creepypasta you want and kind you want the one-shot to be like Fluffy or what ever just say what you want in the comments make sure to like and fav to know when your one-shot is done.


6. Eyeless jack x reader (For Raven) part 1

(Eyeless Jack's pov)

I was watching her well I have been watching her for weeks and every time I'm on my way to her house I say to my self tonight you have to kill her she got away from you and you never let a victim go unless their dead so I have to do this but I can't seem to find my self hurting her more then I already did why am I feeling this way?

((Y/n) pov)

I was sitting on my bed thinking about what happen a few weeks ago a man was in my room and before I could scream he covered my mouth he just looked at me with well he didn't even have eyes how could he see me I don't get it but he just stared at me he had a knife and one hand which was pressed against my throut I didn't dare to move as he used the other hand to lift up my shirt, I kicked him in his stomach he fell off me and onto the ground i jumped off the bed and opened my bedroom door and screamed "mom dad please come quick" I looked behind me and he was gone that event just ran through my head I couldn't stop thinking about it but the worst thing is I haven't felt alone since I feel like someone's watching me it creeps me out but he probably is watching me I shivered at the thought I sat up and grabbed my computer I need to get my mind off of this I opened my lap top and started playing some Minecraft.

3 hours later

Eyeless Jack's pov

She fell asleep I climbed in her window  I walked over to her bedroom door and locked it I walked towards her slowly and quietly I looked at her she is so adorable I thought even though i shouldn't be thinking that she is just my prey and a source for food after all I put my hand on her cheek I started thinking what if she got to know me hmm? I can't be thinking like that like I said just a source for food I took out my scalpel and lifted up her shirt reveling her waist I inched the scalpel towards her skin my hand suddenly stopped I couldn't do it I just can't I put my scalpel back into my pocket she is going to go insane anyway from are last encounter so why not bring her to the mansion I found some duck tape I wrapped her wrist together and her ankles then I put some over her mouth I picked her up bridal style and mumbled "hope she likes it there"

Time skip to the mansion

I walked through the door and every one in the living room was staring at me well I didn't expect nothing less so I just ignored them and walked up the stairs and went into my room with her I set her on the bed and I locked the windows I cut the duck tape off of her and locked my room from the inside I walked downstairs every one was still staring at me I again ignored them and sat on the couch they just accepted my silence. I was watching TV un till I heard someone trying to get out of my room I got up and walked up stairs and unlocked my room and walked him she screamed and stumbled back I walked towards her and grabbed her arm he started to cry I held her waist with one hand and held her arm in the other I pulled her on the bed and I said "Calm down I'm not going to hurt you" she continued crying I pulled her into a hug and just held her.

((Y/N) pov)

He's hugging me my tears stopped why is he hugging me I-i I thought her was a killer we just sat there with my face buried in his neck his skin it's grey he pulled back and said "Look you need to get used to being here" wait what "I'm really confused why do I have to get used to it here" he looked at me and said "well your mine now and no one will touch you and no one will hurt you" I was scared yet excited then I asked "can go get some of my stuff from my house" he nodded well off to my house hope my parents aren't home.


Idk why I keep making the one-shots 2 parters or more it just happens and I fell like I have to right more and make this one-shot a short story or something


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