Albus Potter and The Were of Destruction

Upon Albus Potter's arrival at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he soons stumbles apon the fact that there may still be Death Eaters among the wizarding students.


1. The Hogwarts Express

Albus found himself sitting next to his curly-haired brother, James in a carriage on the Express. He thought out of anyone, he'd rather be sitting next to his favourite cousin, Louis, who was the son of Bill and Fleur Weasley.

Just then, Dominique walked into their carriage, "Hello! James, Albus... the others will be here in a couple of minutes probably!". His cousin, Dominique, was the daughter of Bill and Fleur. She didn't at all look like her father, who's face was savaged and deformed, however she did have a slight red tint to her long, shiny locks. When she was born, Fleur was expecting Dominque to have luscious blonde hair, just like her older sister, Victoire, but she had taken an odd coppery-brown colour. But, she did have the same Veela features as her mother, as did Victoire.

Dominique patted her lap awkwardly and she pushed Albus further up the couch seat with her hip. 

"So..." James said quietly. "How's fourth year going?" Dominique looked surprise at the fact of her cousin asking her about her school life.

"Oh, good!" She said smiling, then she pointed at the carriage door to show Albus and James that the others had arrived. Rose Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione came in first, her vibrant red hair pulled back in a casual ponytail. Then came in Victoire, a 16 year old girl with her mother's bright blonde hair. Then Louis Weasley, Dominique and Victoire's younger brother, who was twelve. A fifth year boy with light-brown hair. Then finally, a girl who Albus did not recognised, but had already judged her as being kind and interesting. She had a small Pygmy Puff hiccoughing quietly on her shoulder.

"Everybody!" Rose announced cheerfully. "This is Alice...Alice Longbottom!" She pointed to the brown-haired girl with the Pygmy Puff on her shoulder. "She's named after her grandmother I think it is! Come, sit down with us, Alice! There's a space next to Albus!"

"Oh-okay!" She smiled down at Albus, and he found himself smiling back widely, noticing her light brown eyes. He had to shake his shoulders to stop looking at her. "I'm Alice... you?" She said again, quietly, but happily. 

"Oh! I'm Albus, Albus Potter." 

"Nice to meet you! I found a chocolate frog card with your dad on the other day... actually I've got about five now." She giggled, and Albus curved his mouth kindly.

"I've actually got something important to tell you..." Victoire said in a whisper. "Have a look at this."

She passed a yellowish piece of paper around to James. Albus poked his head over his brother's shoulder and looked at the print. It was a whiskered man, moving fiercely in the picture, hairy from his skinned head joining up to his shoulder. He looked like a werewolf to Albus. Underneath the picture it said: Fenrir Greyback. Extremely Dangerous. Escape from Azkaban. Reward: 2,000 Galleons: DEAD OR ALIVE.

"He's a former Death Eater, supported Voldemort. He's also a werewolf. He fought at the Battle of Hogwarts with ALL our parents... he's back! I got in connection with some DE Researchers  from the Ministry, and they say he's 'seeking revenge'. Years and years ago before he got put in Azkaban, he was biting children. One of them was my boyfriend's dad..." She pointed at the light-brown haired boy in the same year as her. "Forgot to indtoduce him! He's Teddy... Teddy Tonks. My amazing boyfriend." She giggled flirtly and leaned towards him, giving him a kiss.

"Not as amazing as you... Dommi!" He covered her cheeks with his hands and kissed her again, making squelching noises as he did so.

"Ugh!" Rose squealed, embarrassed.

"Somebody pass the sick bucket! It's not everyday you see your sister and her boyfriend snogging...oh wait it is everyday. Because there's never a time when they are not together, flirting or swallowing each other whole! Gross!" Said Louis.

But Teddy and Victoire were so in love, they weren't even listening.

"But who's gonna get bitten? I mean, who have you known get bitten? He's hardly dangerous!" Albus said, raising his eyebrows.

"Mine, mate." Teddy began looking disgusted. "My dad, who is actually DEAD now, was bitten as a kid by him, had to get your grandfather to become an animagus so that he could go through all the horrifying transformations with someone to support him. Idiot." And with that, he stormed out the carriage with a livid, red face.

Victoire stood up, looking down angrily at Albus. "My dad was attacked by THIS man, Albus!" She shouted, holding up the picture of the prisoner. "That's why is face is disfigured, that's why it looks like that! And you're saying he's hardly dangerous? You really are an idiotic fool!"

Albus really had not understood what he had done wrong.

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