Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


17. Yes

"How is it that you chose Destiny?" asked Eleanor one day. "I mean, there are many who flirted with you, but what is it about her that you like." 
What would Niall answer? He smiled weakly and blushed. 
"She's just perfect." 
Eleanor sighed and Niall realized she could never understand. 
"And why not me?" 
Niall looked at her. She wanted an answer. 
"You're more like a friend to me and you mates with Louis." 
She smiled weakly and looked at Niall. 
"Honestly, I had rather have you, but don't t say it to him." 
Niall hugged her and nodded. 
"But we're just friends. I have never had these feelings for you."


Niall succeeded in school and he ended up among the top students. He had good grades, he knew everything and he fought all the time to stay on top. Destiny slowly began more and more to move in with Niall, until one day when she brought up the subject. 
"Would you like me to fully live here?" 
Niall looked up from the books and he just stared at her. 
"You mean, seriously?" 
She laughed and nodded. 
"Yes, that's the next step in a relationship and I'm always here?" 
Niall swallowed. It was a big step, and the question was whether he was ready. Yet he couldn't resist the green eyes. 
Destiny was overjoyed and threw herself over him. 
"Oh Niall! You do so that my life will be perfect."


Marry and Tom didn't mind that Niall was cohabiting with Destiny. 
"You look so good together." said Marry phone and Niall smiled. 
"Yes, more than you can imagine." 
Marry laughed and she almost seemed moved by the seriousness of the moment. 
"To think that my little son's got a girlfriend. So when are you getting married?" 
Niall was about to choke on. 
"Huh? We haven't talked about." 
She cleared her throat. 
"You know that girls can become pregnant and what if she happens to be that?" 
Niall laughed, but realized Marry maybe shouldn't know that Destiny couldn't get pregnant. 
"Well maybe we should get married, but I want to clear the school first."


"Are you serious?" Destiny asked, surprised. "We get married?" 
Niall smiled and nodded. The idea was that they should some day. At least wanted Niall that to happen

"Why not?" 
Destiny swallowed and looked down at her hands. 
"Niall, you know that I can't have your baby?" 
Niall laughed and hugged her. 
"Yes, but we can adopt and some couples don't want children." 
Destiny nodded, but was still unsure. 
"And if they find out that I'm Harry?" 
Niall kissed her. 
"And who would tell them? We are quiet and you said it yourself. Nobody knows about it." 
Yet Destiny was insecure and she looked into Nialls eyes. 
"We can wait and see."


Time passed and slowly began increasingly becoming a living. Niall pondered many times over life and it never became as expected, but he loved Destiny. She was perfect in every way. Therefore, it wasn't hard for Niall to go all the way. He saved money and one day he could afford to buy engagement rings. Without her knowing anything, he went to the jewelry store and bought two plain rings of gold for them.


Late one Saturday night, they sat on the couch and watched TV. Niall felt Destinys head against his body. 
She smiled and looked up at him. 
Niall swallowed. 
"I have one thing to ask." 
Destiny sat up and seemed surprised. 
Niall shook in the whole body. He got up and went into the bedroom. He put the box in his pocket and came out to her again. He didn't know how to propose to a girl, but he wanted to do it. He walked up to her and knelt before her. He had both knees to the floor and took her hands in his. 
"You know I love you?" 
She wasn't sure about what he wanted to tell her in the end. 
Niall gulped and smiled a little bit. 
"We've gone through a lot together. Orphanage, adoptive parents, and then what we have now?" 
Destiny agreed. 
Niall looked down at her hands and squeezed them softly. 
"I know I haven't always treated you, as I should. I know that many times I might have hesitated and backed away, but today I'm sure of myself." 
She agreed. 
"Yeah Niall, you've changed." 
He nodded and swallowed. He looked into her green eyes and felt his whole body shook. 
"Honey, would you marry me someday?" 
Destiny hesitated even more. 
"One day, perhaps?" 
Niall took up the case and before he had opened the lid, Destiny began to cry. 
"Niall, is that what I think it is?" 
Niall smiled. 
He watched as she began to shake and the tears just flowed. 
"Oh my god, I've dreamed about this, but are you serious. I mean I'm not like a normal girl and I ..." 
Niall smiled and put his hand over her mouth. 
"I just want a yes or a no." 
Destiny looked into his blue eyes and she seemed to hesitate. Yet there appeared a nod and he took his hand away. She threw herself into his arms and held him tight around the shoulders. 
"Niall, I love you and I can't say no."
Niall smiled with his whole face and held her tight. 
"So you don't hesitate?" 
She released him and shook his head. 
"I've always loved you. From the first moment I saw you, I've just loved you. There is no other man I want." 
Niall took out her ring and took it on her ring finger. Then he kissed her. This was destiny, it was meant to be.

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