Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


3. To feel pain

A week went by and Nialls days always looked the same. It was as if everything just rolled on but nobody got time to be children or do something fun. For each day that went by Niall realized that he had to be sure to be up for adoption. 
"Nobody chooses us anyway." always said Harry, but Niall was determined that someone out there wanted him and they would get him.


Then one day Mrs. Sanders come out to the yard and over to Niall and Harry. 
"Now you show up your fine side." said she coldly. "You may leave the job for today and go in and take a shower. I'll make sure you get good clothes on you. It's a family looking for a boy in your age and maybe you are lucky." 
Niall realized that this was his chance. He felt his whole stomach tingled and he felt that hope came back. 
"Don't have too high expectations." Louis whispered to him, but Niall didn't care. He wanted to be adopted, and he wanted to get away from it all at the orphanage.


Niall showered thoroughly and his ear was as clean as his body. He combed his hair carefully and then he got on the clothes, which probably was well chosen for the occasion. It was a white shirt, black pants and a jacket. Harry got the same clothes, and everyone else who was around Nialls age. They had to go into a big room and line up. Niall ended up in the middle and his legs were shaking with excitement. Into the room came Mrs. Sanders with two rich people. Niall assumed that they were rich, because their clothes looked so nice. There was an elderly man and his young wife. Niall could almost see how he sat at their table and ate food. He would be a perfect son and he knew that they would like to have him. The pair started from one edge and looked all the boys closely. 
"Too weak!" muttered the man when they looked at Niall. Niall panicked and swallowed. 
"But I'm strong!" he whispered hopefully. "I can take in." 
The couple didn't care and went on. Niall felt his whole body almost collapsed. Why did he frail? His real family had never said that he was weak or small. The couple chose a black-haired guy, who looked like a model. He had rosy cheeks and looked healthy. Niall just wanted to cry, but he kept all the feelings inside him. Mrs. Sanders looked coldly at him and came up to him. 
"Wait here." 
Everyone else had to leave the room, but not Niall.


When she came back, she was way too cold all over the body. She took out a whip and stood before him. 
"Take off all your clothes." 
Niall hesitated, but her eyes were so cold. He slowly began to strip the clothes he was wearing and she seemed to stare at him all the time. As he stood naked in front of her she snorted cold. 
"You talked to them also that you know you shouldn't?" 
Niall felt panic. 
"But you never said that to me?" 
She forced him around so that he stood with his back to her, then she started to hit him with the whip straight across the back. Niall felt pain that came and he screamed. It hurt, and the whole back felt like an open wound. 
"You shouldn't fucking talk to an adult." she screamed and hit even harder.


In the end just fell Niall together and he felt himself slowly vanished away. He had no sensation left on his back and he couldn't even think straight. She stopped hitting him and he remained on the cold floor. He cried and he felt like an idiot. Why hadn't he been silent? He realized that he would never get out.


Niall woke up he was lying in bed on his stomach. Someone stood over him and patted his back to get the wounds clean. 
"Damn, she slapped him." Niall heard Louis say. "It's lucky he's alive." 
Harry stood beside Niall, holding his hand tightly. 
"Don't say that ..." 
Louis snorted. 
"You'll fucking stop flirting with him then." 
Harry groaned. 
"Stop that talk." 
Louis laughed cold. 
"I saw when you crawled into his bed. Did you fucked or what?" 
Niall felt he had to defend both Harry and himself. 
"No we didn't." he received, whispering. Louis was startled and looked at him. 
"You're awake?"
Niall swallowed. 
"Yeah, I'm not dead." 
He realized it was Louis who did order his back. 
"We had to pick you up and take you up here." said he tired. "She was certainly really angry at you?" 
Niall could do nothing but nod. 
"Well, I happened to say something to the couple." 
Louis balked. 
"You're crazy, it's forbidden." 
Niall realized that everyone knew but not he himself. 
"Well, I know that now."


When evening came dried Niall not to go down to the dining room and eat. He chose to stay there and his whole body ached. It was as if someone had pink him up just to watch his spine, or something. Niall fell asleep and woke up almost instantly. It hurt too much to sleep, but he was so tired.


Harry came up to him first and sat down on the floor so that Niall saw him. 
"You get my piece of bread." he whispered. "I know it's not much, but I managed to smuggle it up here." 
Harry had a glass with water and soaked up the bread, before he put it in Nialls mouth. Niall took it with pleasure, because his stomach rumbled. 
"Thank you Harry." 
His friend just smiled and continued to soak the bread. Niall ate and finally he had eaten it all. He smiled at Harry and came right as it was, remembered what Louis had said. 
"Why do they think we had sex?" 
Harry blushed immediately and was about to get up, but Niall took his arm. 
"Please tell me."

Harry hesitated. 
"Are you sure you want to know?" 
Niall nodded. Harry gulped and leaned lightly against Niall. 
"My mom sent me here because I like other guys." 
Niall was startled. 
Harry blushed just more. 
"I'm gay!"


In the morning Niall even more sore back and he couldn't sit up. Liam came over to him and forced him onto his feet. 
"You must go down and eat. I'll make sure you don't have to work today, but if you stay here, you risk more trouble." 
Niall gulped and he grimaced. 
"But ..." 
Liam shook his head. 
"Think about nothing and you mustn't feel anything."


Niall had luck on his side. Liam know the older guys on the farm and they let him sit in the shade and take it easy. Niall took his shirt off to avoid having to feel how the pus got stuck against the shirt. He was in pain and he did barely stand up.


"So she hit you?" got one of the older out and came to Niall. His name was Andy was very big in his body. He looked older against what he was. 
"Well yes ..." got Niall uncertain of himself. Andy laughed and looked light on how his back looked. 
"She may get angry at you, that bitch." 
Niall was startled, but Andy just smiled at him. 
"When she's not here, we can say what we want and I have my opinions. She has us here just to make money on us. She's a bitch."
Niall smiled and nodded. He could do nothing but agree. Andy sat down next to Niall and looked out over the courtyard. 
"Word of advice, stay calm and don't make a fool of you. She will forget this insistent eventually and even who you are. She not even know my name and I have been here the longest." 
Niall listened to him and smiled. 
"So you will soon leave us?" 
Andy nodded and looked at Niall. 
"Yes, and I'll damn sure never send children here. I intend to make a difference when I come out and I'll be sure the weak shall to win." 
Niall liked him already. 
"You're lucky ..."
Andy shook his head and looked well-intentioned at Niall. 
"I have been beaten to. She has threatened to kill me, too many times and I know that I'm not worth much. But you know what? As long as I live I'll make sure to stay alive. I will refute her if I can., I can more than any single person believes."


Niall felt a little more at ease when the evening came. He ate supper and he showered his body gently. He still had to lie on his stomach in bed and he couldn't stand to have the blanket over his back, yet he managed to stay in in the bed, in a good way. 
"Can you make it?" asked Liam quickly, before he went to bed. Niall nodded and smiled. He was grateful that a person anyway asked.

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