Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


6. To be different

First day of school and Tom had seen that one of the employees drove the boys to their new school. 
"You shall go to the office directly and they will tell you about the rules and gives you the schedules." 
Niall nodded and ate breakfast. 
Harry seemed more uncertain, but he said nothing. Niall assumed it was a great day and now they really got to start going to school. Niall really wanted to go there because it meant friends, homework and a normal life. When Niall had his real family, he had gone to a small school. He might not have been popular, but he had friends and he liked school. 
"But what if they don't like us?" whispered Harry. Niall smiled and left the table. 
"Come on, brother. It will go well."


It wasn't a big school, but many students went there. Niall pulled Harry straight to the principal and they made ​​sure to get everything that they needed. 
"We are a Christian school." she said. "And therefore we require all live the Christian life. We don't fight and we treat everyone equally." 
It sounded okay, although neither Harry or Niall were Christians. They hadn't been to church in years, but at the same time it didn't matter. They were there to learn, not to repent.


Their new class consisted of five boys and eight girls. They entered the classroom during the first session and all were curious about who they were. 
"You can tell us a bit about yourselves." said their teacher Simon and smiled at them. Niall gulped and had no idea what he would say. 
"Eh, we come from a children's home because our parents are dead." he got out. "We came to Marry and Tom some time ago and that is all." 
"You're from Ireland?" asked a girl directly. Niall blushed. 
They chose to sit down. Niall saw how everyone followed them with their eyes and actually it felt so strange. Yet everyone seemed okay and he saw no one who appeared dismiss their presence. 
"This will work." he murmured happily to Harry. "Be yourself and everything will go well."


"You're cute!" 
At break came Eleanor up to them and she smiled at Harry. He just looked down at the ground and didn't seem to like her presence. Niall giggled slightly and realized that a gay man can really get girls to fall, but he chose not to tell her the truth. 
"Yes he is?" 
She giggled and then looked at Niall. 
"And you are sweet, but not as sweet as Harry."


Harry wasn't happy when they were in the car, on the way home. 
"Disgusting!" he muttered cold. "Girls are just so ...." 
Niall laughed. 
"I didn't tell her that you are gay. I don't think they would appreciate it?" 
Harry snorted and took Nialls hand. 
"Promise to never leave me." 
Niall nodded and gave him a quick glance. 
"Sure? I wont leave you." 
Harry sighed. 
"But you will surely meet one of those girls, and then you will forget me?" 
Niall smiled and dropped Harrys hand. He put his arm around his shoulder and shook his head. 
"No, you're with me and we are brothers." 
Harry sighed, disappointed. 
Niall was startled. 
"Yes, we are brothers in a family? We have a mother and a father."


It was funny with the school. Niall liked to study, to take care for the horses and being on the farm. Somehow he got on, but Harry kept himself more away. One evening happened to Niall hear Marry talk to Tom. 
"He has sewn a dress." 
Tom laughed. 
Niall heard that Marry didn't like that idea. 
"To himself?" 
There was silence and direct Niall understood why Harry was as he was. He wanted to be a girl? It sounded weird and Niall couldn't see Harry as a girl. 
"We need to change him." muttered Tom. "What will they in the village say when he walks about like a girl?" 
Niall agreed, although he wished that Harry could do as he wished. Marry hesitated before answering. 
"He can't help me more?"
"We have to get him to be a man." Tom replied quickly. "He should be more like Niall. Like horses and dare to take in?" 
Niall swallowed. So Harry was right? Tom wished that Harry would be like Niall and not as himself. Niall didn't know how he would treat the information and actually became a little sad. They would surely force Harry to things that he didn't want to do.


Niall walked into Harry's room and closed the door. Harry's face lit up and he sat up in bed and read a book. Niall didn't think he'd smile. 
"It's serious." Niall whispered. "You can't sew dresses for yourself and believe that Marry approves it." 
Harry blushed and looked down. 
"How do you know?" 
Niall swallowed and came to bed. 
"They are down in the kitchen and talking about you. Harry you have to try more." 
His buddy just seemed down and he didn't seem to like that idea. 
"I am who I am. I can't change anything?" 
Niall sighed and sat down on the bed. 
"Come and propagating to showcase a boy, at least when they see you?"
Harry didn't seem to like that idea. Niall sighed. 
"For my sake?" 
Harry looked up at him with his green eyes. 
"For your sake?" 
Niall nodded and hugged him lightly. 
"I don't want you or I get in trouble. I want it to go well for you and that they stop worrying."
Harry nodded and hugged Niall back. 
"I'll try, but just for your sake."


Harry tried and actually got Niall him to like horses. Tom and Marry seemed to like the change.


"Do you think I ever will be able to be just me?" Harry asked Niall anyway. The Irishman nodded and gave him a quick glance.
"But not when everything is new. I don't want them to sending us back, or that they're trying to change you."
Harry smiled and gave Niall a warm hug.
"Thank you!"
Niall was surprised.
"It was nothing?"
Harry released him and giggled.
"It's like I live a double life?"
Niall didn't understand him. Harry giggled even more and stood near him.
"I'm like superman? I'm gay, but everyone else sees only my second personality. The guy who's strong and takes life as it is?"
Niall nodded, although he felt it was a stupid metaphor.

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