Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


11. The neighbour

Niall was nineteen years old when he would leave the farm, to study for a lawyer in London. Tom had arranged with the apartment and everything. Niall was just overjoyed to finally see something other than cows and horses. Still, it seemed hard to leave the only home he has known. 
"You'll be okay." Marry whispered with tears in her eyes. She hugged Niall and put in the bag in the car. "You can come home on weekends and we always meet at Christmas Eve?" 
Niall nodded and hugged Tom. 
"I promise to come home when I can." 
Tom wept openly and he hugged the only son he had. 
"We love you." 
Niall released him. 
"I know!"


Nialls legs shook as he went off into the future. It felt so strange to finally get the training to become a lawyer, which he had wanted for some years. Tom was very proud of him and Marry loved the idea of having a lawyer in the family. Niall was almost just happy to be able to fly and leave the nest. He felt that he grew and soon he would be a mature man. He looked forward to that part.


Niall took the car into the yard and saw the apartment on the second floor. He would spend many nights there and he knew he would learn many things. He began to carry the bags up and he looked around at his new home. There was a kitchen, a toilet, a great room and a bedroom. The apartment was furnished, but it was Tom who had seen to it, that Niall got everything. He had been in London a month earlier and bought everything for his son. Niall smiled over the thought and he realized that Tom was like a father for him. Still, there were memories of Nialls lucid family, but over the years they started to disappear.


"Hi my name is Louis!" 
It was Nialls new neighbor and immediately he recognized him. 
"Louis from the orphanage?" 
The guy was startled and just stared at Niall. Then his face lit up and laughed a little bit. 
"This was strange, isn't it the small Irishman from the orphanage?" 
Niall laughed, they hugged. 
"Yeah, it's me." He then released Louis. "And you? Things have gone well for you?" 
Louis laughed a little bit and nodded. 
"I read the final year of secondary school and is educated in the spring. How about you?" 
Niall smiled. 
"I'll read to a lawyer." 
"Wow!" exclaimed Louis. "Wealthy parents?"
Niall shook his head. 
"No, but they saved for giving me this opportunity." 
Louis understood and eyed him from the bottom up. 
"And he, what was his name? Harry?" 
Niall gulped and he felt his stomach gave way. No one had talked about Harry in a few years and it was a sensitive subject. 
"He ran away when we were fifteen." 
Louis became serious and seemed to understand. 
"Okay, well then I hope he will still be okay?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I hope the same."


The new school was great and Niall came almost lost directly. There were large halls with lots of students and there was strict teacher. It took Niall a week and then he felt like at home. He found all the lessons and he was studying into the wee hours.


"You should go out with us one evening?" Louis got out himself and put his head through his door. Niall looked up from the books and quickly shook his head. 
"No, I have to pass my exams." 
Louis laughed weakly and came into the room. 
"Come on? There's a disco located near our street. We can go there and rock out with the girls. You will be home in no time?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"Another weekend?" 
Louis sighed and walked towards the door again. 
"If you change your mind, come in to me. We won't leave until ten o'clock." 
Niall laughed a little bit and nodded. He heard that Louis closed the door and went in to his apartment.


When the time was half past nine couldn't Niall cope with more books and sentences. He was tired in the head and he could hear them laughing at Louis place. He swallowed and started to actually like the idea. It didn't hurt to keep up with Louis one single time? Eventually he got up and decided to go over to Louis. The neighbour was happy about it and he laughed. 
"I knew you had a little devil in you. You will have so much fun."


Niall was moderately interested when he entered the disco. He had always been against people who smelled of alcohol, but he chose to ignore that part. They ended up at a table and right as it was Eleanor popped up. Niall had broken up with her ​​after Harry had disappeared, but they had always been friends. 
"How are you?" she said happily and hugged him. Niall smiled and looked at Eleanor to see how she looked. She was the same. 

"Just fine, and you?" 
She giggled and pointed towards her friends. 
"I'm going to school to be a nurse," she said cheerfully. "My friends and I celebrate that we survived the first exam." 
Niall just smiled at her friends and then looked at Eleanor. 
"So it's been good for you?"
She giggled and nodded.
"I must admit that my heart jumped when I saw you. You look good as always."
Niall blushed and saw how Louis searched their attention.
Eleanor looked at Louis and then on Niall.
"And you are here with your classmates?"
Niall laughed and shook his head with amusement.
"No, he's my neighbour."
Louis agreed and leaned against her.
"I'm almost finished at the school and will soon be a teacher."
Eleanor snorted.
"As if that was something?"
Louis put on the charm. 
"Well we are the best of the best and one teacher is always good to have." 
Niall couldn't help but be amused. He saw that Louis seemed to like Eleanor's appearance, even if it wasn't mutual. 
"Teacher?" she snorted and then looked at Niall. "And what will you be when you're done?" 
Niall saw that Louis really was interested. He swallowed and took in a lie. 
"I'll just be singing teacher." 
Eleanor was disappointed and saw sean on Louis. 
Louis nodded. 
"And may I buy you a drink?" 
Eleanor giggled and nodded at him. 
"One, if I may?" 
Louis pulled her to the bar and Niall just smiled. He had managed to find a guy to Eleanor. He was proud of himself.

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