Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


15. The farm

Then came the day when Niall would go home to Tom and Marry. 
"You can bring your girlfriend with you home?" asked Tom via the phone. Niall went cold all over. 
"Do you mean lie now, this time?" 
Tom laughed. 
"Come on, son. We also want to meet her." 
Niall hesitated. 
"Okay maybe. I'll talk to her."


Destiny was just as uncertain as Niall. She sat down on the couch and Niall watched her as she shook. 
"I don't know if I can." 
Niall understood her, but at the same time they had nothing to be ashamed of. 
"But you can play as if you know nothing about them or about Harry?" 
Destiny looked at her hands and then up at him. 
"Niall, I mean no offensive to you, but my childhood wasn't happy. I lost it at the orphanage and I lost my childhood with them." 
Niall sat down next to her and he swallowed. 
"Aren't you strong enough?" 
She gulped and the tears came. 
"Niall, please! Tell them that I'm sick." 
Niall knew they would one day be forced to show her off to Tom and Marry. 
"If you don't do it now, you must another time. Please, we must do it!"
She took a deep breath. 
"I have just put everything that happened behind me and I have changed." 
Niall kissed her cheek and nodded. 
"I, if any person, know that you have changed at all levels." 
She blushed behind her tears. 
"Yes, more than what they can see." 
Niall nodded and tried to keep her hands still in her lap. 
"One weekend, that's all."


Niall saw that Destiny was shaking and was nervous. He drove the car at the landscape and slowly they approached to farm. Destiny took his his hard and swallowed. 
"If I pass out, then?" 
Niall smiled and kissed her hand lightly. 
"Come on, you always have me next to you. I promise I wont leave you." 
She smiled and met his gaze. 
"Do you remember what you promised me at the orphanage?" 
Niall nodded. 
"And you demanded that I told it to you many times." 
Destiny nodded. 
"And you kept your promise. It was I who left you?" 
Niall raised his eyebrows. 
"And you came back?" 
Destiny giggled and nodded. 
"I couldn't keep me away."
Niall laughed lightly and he gave her a loving gaze. 
"Harry, I will never leave you." 
She swallowed and nodded. 
"Thank you Niall."
Tom and Marry was standing outside the house and was ready to receive them. Niall released her hand. 
"Be quiet if you don't know what to say." 
She nodded. 
"They look so old?" 
Niall laughed lightly and stopped the car. 
"They're older and they've aged."


Tom and Marry hugged Niall hard and then they said hello to Destiny. It was like they were greeting to a new person and Niall saw how much she had to fight. 
"What fun that you wanted to come along." Marry got out and took with her Destiny towards the door. "So fun with another woman in the house."
Tom and Niall stayed behind. Niall saw how his father seemed pleased. 
"A beautiful girlfriend you got there?" 
Niall nodded and didn't know what to say. 
"She's kind." 
He met Nialls gaze and seemed pleased with his son. 
"And the school? Now when you have a girlfriend?" 
Niall laughed a little bit. 
"No, I go to school and I belong to the top ten in the class."

Niall heard that Marry and Destiny were talking in the kitchen. When Niall appeared Marry smiled at him and her eyes twinkled. 
"She's perfect! She loves to cook and she can make clothes." 
Niall was startled. It was as if Marry was describing Harry, without thinking, and he nodded slightly. 
"Yes, she's perfect?​​" 
Destiny blushed and met Nialls gaze. She realized that Niall had reacted and maybe she realized she still had much Harry in the body. 
"Your mother's so kind." she said to say something. Niall nodded and went into the kitchen. 
"It smells good?" 
Marry smiled and showed the pans on the stove. 
"I have made your favourite stew and rice and vegetables and everything that comes with an editing meal."
Destiny seemed satisfied. 
"Yes, you can cook." 
All became silent and directly she blushed lightly. 
"Niall told you about all of your meals." 
Marry nodded a little bit and then looked at her son. 
"You have told her about everything?" 
Niall blushed and nodded uncertainly. He swallowed and realized that this weekend was going to be tough. 
"Yes, everything." 
Marry became serious and then looked down at the floor. 
"And have you told her about Harry?" 
Both Niall and Destiny balked. It felt so different to talk about Harry in third person. 
"Yeah a little bit." whispered Destiny and watched Marry. "He left you?" 
Marry nodded and seemed to dream away. 
"I would adopt two sons, but there was only one who wanted to stay. I wish I knew what I did wrong."
Niall watched Destiny gave her a hug, a warm hug, a hug that a son gives to his mother. 
"You did nothing wrong. I just didn't want to stay." 
Niall went cold all over. He saw that Marry didn't react, but Niall responded, shaking his head quickly toward Destiny. She couldn't say more, or things that could get Marry to be suspicious.


Niall and Destiny went up to the room with the bags. They ended up in Nialls old rooms and immediately he closed the door. 
"You have to think about what you tell them." 
She was startled, but realized that Niall was right. 
"I know, but it became so great that she missed me." 
Niall sighed. 
"She misses Harry!" he whispered, in case the parents heard them. "We can't just tell the truth. They will die!" 
Destiny gulped and the tears came. Niall knew it was a hard subject and he quickly hugged her. 
"I don't want you to cry, but think before you answer."
Destiny held him tightly in her arms. She nodded a little bit and tried to collect herself. 
"This will be a tough weekend?" 
Niall nodded and kissed her on the cheek. 
"I know, and we must think before we respond. You can't call them mom or dad. You can't say I, when you mean Harry."
He kissed her and hoped she would understand. It was wrong to lie, but at the same time, realized Niall that his parents would never understand. How do you explained that Harry had become a woman. That Niall was in love with Harry, as a woman, and that Niall knew the truth.
"I love you so much." sobbed Desteny. Niall smiled at her and kissed her one last time. 
"I love you!"

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