Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


12. She?

The school went well. Niall succeeded in the exams and he felt that he hung out with. Louis got together with Eleanor and Niall was actually happy for them. Eleanor needed a guy who cared wholeheartedly and not a Niall, who hesitated.


Niall went home to the parents (to Tom and Marry) for Christmas Eve and he spent the entire New Year's weekend on the farm. Then it was time to be in London again.


Just in time for February, the school would have a great February prom. Niall was against the whole thing but in the end he chose to still participate. He walked up to those who sold tickets and they smiled big. 
"Two?" they asked. Niall shook his head quickly. 
"No, just one ticket." 
He noted that they balked. 
"No date?" 
Niall sighed and paid. He realized that he was behind on many levels. He had never directly wholeheartedly invested himself in a girl and he realized he would surely remain single. Yet he was happy with life and stuck the ticket in his pocket.


"It's a pity you don't find a girl," murmured Eleanor to him and snuggled up in Louis's lap. They kissed each other and then looked at Niall. He could no more than sigh. 
"I may not want a girl right now?" 
Louis laughed. 
"All the guys want to find love, but not you?" 
Niall snorted and looked down in the books. 
"I have so many things I want to do before I can find my future wife." 
Eleanor snorted and looked at Louis. 
"He don't admits it, but he's hard?" 
Louis agreed. 
"A difficult guy from the country." 
Niall just sighed and studied further in the book. He had a goal for the moment, and that was to become somebody. He wanted to make a difference, although it would take a few years. Love came in second place.


Marry sent a black evening dress to Niall. It wasn't the last, but he saw that he would still look okay at prom. He began to prepare a few hours before he would go there and he made ​​sure he looked like he would. Niall put the hair right and he put the fly in place. Then Eleanor and Louis knocked on the door and opened it 
"Are you ready?" 
Niall was surprised. 
"Haven't you gone there yet?" 
Louis shook his head and grinned at him. 
"No, we were waiting for you."


Niall liked that he had two friends who drove in the same car to the prom. He felt less odd and when they arrived, he saw how the couples went in two by two. 
"Take it easy!" Eleanor whispered to him and smiled. "We can go together? Louis on my left and on my right side." 
Niall nodded and swallowed.


The ballroom was wonderful. Everything went in white and green, which Niall liked. He hadn't released his Irish background and he was fond of the green colours. Louis and Eleanor vanished away, but Niall chose to enjoy. It was like walking into a storybook and he had never before seen so many people dressed up in the same room before. He sat down at his place and couldn't care about that he was alone. There were still many impressions to take in and he enjoyed.


"They said you were alone?" he heard someone ask. Niall looked up quickly and met a pair of green eyes. The girl sat down next to him and smiled as large as before. "So can I sit here?" 
Niall nodded a little bit and smiled at her. 
"It's okay." 
Others sat at down the table and then the food came in. Niall who loved food could do nothing but eat of it all. He even loved the dessert. It was like coming to the celestial kingdom, and he enjoyed it all to the fullest.


"And what do you get?" asked his dinner companion. Niall gulped down what he had in his mouth and tried to smile. 
"I'll be a lawyer and you?" 
She smiled big and didn't release him with her eyes. 
"I'll be a nurse. I go in Eleanor's class." 
Niall looked up at her again. 
"Oh, fun?" 
She nodded and blushed slightly. 
"You don't recognize me huh?" 
Niall looked at her for a long time but no lamp was lit. 
"No, I'm sorry, but I don't think I've met you before." 
She giggled and blushed even more. Niall was really trying to place her. 
"The orphanage?"
She nodded a little bit. 
"Yes, even the children's home, Niall."
He really couldn't think about who she was. She looked at him and leaned lightly against his shoulder. 
"When they start to dance I'll tell you." 
Niall nodded a little bit and took in the final dessert in his mouth. 


She pulled with her Niall out of the room and to a place where few stood talking. 
"Okay, promise not to yell or make a fuss." she said, and seemed to be serious. Niall nodded and became suspicious. 
She nodded and leaned against his ear. 
"Once I was called Harry and I was adopted by a family with you." 
Niall began right away to laugh. 
"And you're going to think that I'm your brother?" 
The girl snorted. 
"Ask me something that nobody else knows and I'll answer it." 
Niall blushed slightly and realized she was serious. 
"The last night before Harry disappeared, something happened. What?"
She let her lips caress his cheek and he felt her hands on his waist.
"We almost had sex. Two naked bodies and two crazy guys."
Niall was about to faint. He just stared at the girl and into her eyes.
"Did you kill him?"
She sighed.
"No, look at me. Look into my eyes. It's me, but I have changed sex. I managed to do what I wanted and now I'm free."
Niall blinked and just stared at her. That's when he saw Harry's eyes, Harry's mouth and Harry's hair, but still, it wasn't Harry.
She blushed.
"I did the sex change and have had hormone therapy."

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