Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


5. new home

When Niall came back to the orphanage, it felt strange. All stared at him and Harry. It was as if everyone knew what had happened, but no one dared to say anything. The only one that went up to Niall was Louis. 
"Good job!" he said, smiling faintly. "You protected Harry and there aren't many who had done that for him. Your a true friend."
"You are famous now!" Niall heard someone say to Harry. "The newspapers were here and wanted to know all about you two." 
Niall stayed away and chosen't to ask anything. Mrs. Sanders wouldn't like that there was a great deal from it all and Niall didn't want to be beaten again.


One day took, Mrs. Sanders with her Harry indoors and Zayn came directly to Niall. 
"A family've read about Harry and are looking to adopt him." 
Okay, Niall became jealous, but at the same time he was happy. 
"Are you serious?" 
Zayn sighed and pulled foot gently over the pebbles on the ground. 
"Yes, he has certainly become famous?" 
Niall smiled and looked toward the house. He kept his fingers crossed and hoping that the family wanted a curly haired guy. Somehow, maybe that was the point. Harry was saved from the orphanage and the family knew all about him. Niall could envisage how Harry ended up in a perfect family, and they would take care of him. Harry would go to school, eat good food and have clean clothes on the body. Maybe that Niall also would have the same luck once in his lifetime?


Niall was surprised. Right as it was Harry came running out and weeping. He threw himself into Nialls arms, and he was shaking all over. 
"I said no!" he sobbed. "I don't want to go away from you." 
Niall didn't know what to say. Was Harry  stupid, or what did he do? Why couldn't he just go? 
"But you're stupid if you ..." 
Harry interrupted him. 
"I realized I can't do it by myself. I'm so used to the orphanage and I wont leave you. That's what I told them, that I needed you, either both of us or none."
Niall looked over at the house and a man and a woman came out. After them came Mrs. Sanders up and all three came walking slowly toward them. Niall chose to let go of Harry and swallowed. 
"Say you go with them." 
Harry shook his head and wiped away tears. 
"No, I'm not going without you." 
The couple came up to them and Niall got scared. Niall saw Mrs. Sanders cold eyes and he realized he was in trouble. 
"So you are Niall?" got the man out from himself. Niall just nodded and swallowed. 
"Yes, sir!" 
The woman smiled at him and seemed to inspect what he looked like. 
"So Harry's your friend?" 
Harry stood near Niall and took his hand. 
"He's my family and I ..." he sobbed. "I'm not leaving without him." 
Niall was surprised. The man turned to Mrs. Sanders and smiled. 
"So maybe we can change ourselves a little? We take both of these boys with us."
Niall ended up in a fog. He couldn't understand that he would go with them. Harry had made sure that he came away from the orphanage. And his new home would just be wonderful. The man and woman looked rich and they reminded him a bit about Nialls own parents. He had to pinch his arm and he knew that Harry was still holding his hand tightly.


Niall sat quietly in the back seat of the car. Harry sat next to him and in front of them was their new parents. 
"My name is Tom Jonson." said their new dad happily. 
"And my name is Marry." said their new mom and smiled at them. "We hadn't expected to bring home two boys, but we are happy that you wanted. We live in a house in the country and for we have horses and cows. You will love it." 
Niall swallowed. 
"So we'll be working with the cows?" 
Tom laughed and shook his head. 
"No, you'll just be boys and we will take care of you as our children." 
Niall looked at Harry and lit up. 
"No job?" 
Harry grinned and took his hand. 
"No, just you and me?"


Niall had never seen such a huge house before. It was a mansion with how much land anywhere. Niall jumped out of the car and just stared at everything that was there. He saw a pasture with horses and further away were cows. They had chickens and pigs. Although there were employees who directly looked curiously over at Harry and Niall.


"You will start in school." Tom got up in the evening. "We are about to look for one that is near our land." 
Marry nodded and showed them where the boys would sit. She had cooked a feast and Niall couldn't help but stare at the food. Harry just smiled at them. 
"Where will we sleep?" 
Marry smiled and sat down. All sat down and looked at her. 
"We have a room clearly up stares, but we promise to arrange for you to have a room each in a week." 
"But we can share a room." Harry got right out. Niall didn't like that idea. He knew that Harry had feelings for him, but he didn't want to encourage Harry to think that something was between them. 
"It will be fine with a single room each." 
Marry nodded and didn't see that Harry was disappointed. 
"Good, but it will take two weeks to get the order of one to place."


Niall liked the house and Marry and Tom did what they promised. Niall got his own room and he was in heaven. He helped with the horses and the staff taught him to ride. Tom liked his curiosity. 
"You'll be a good boy when you grow up." 
Niall smiled and jumped down from the horse. 
"Thank you, sir." 
Tom smiled and came up to him. 
"You know what. I don't want you calling me that. Why don't you saying Tom or maybe Dad?" 
Niall became unsure and saw at him that he meant well. 
"Excuse me but I have a father, though he's dead. Can I call you Tom?" 
He laughed and hugged Niall friendly. 
"Of course you can call me Tom, I require nothing more."


Harry drew more away and he didn't seem as fond of life on the farm. Niall let him be, but it was quite a hassle to constantly see his suspicious gaze. 
"Why don't you enjoy?" Niall asked. Harry snorted and looked down at the ground. 
"They seem to traditionally love you more than me?" 
Niall sighed. 
"No, they care about us both equally. Why are you so lame that you think that?" 
Harry gulped and seemed unsure. 
"I don't want to teach me to ride and I can't take care of animals. You can. Tom look at you as a father looks at his son. He doesn't see me anymore." 
Niall sighed again. 
"If you not give something, you wont get anything. Attempts to interest you in something else. Everyone don't need to be as me."
Niall saw Marry come out with coffee and juice. He took Harry's hand and pulled him to the outdoor furniture. Harry seemed a little happier and sat down smiling. Marry smiled at them, and set up everything. 
"Are you hungry for a little juice and cinnamon bun?" 
Niall nodded and smiled at her. 
"Yes please!" 
She laughed and sat down on the opposite side of them. 
"So boys, do you like it here now?" 
Niall nodded, but noted that Harry hesitated. Marry saw that too and watched at the curl haired boy carefully. 
"You will find your place. Want to join me today? That with horses and cows may not be your thing?" 
Harry lit up and looked at her with a small smile. 
"Yes please!" 
Marry smiled. 
"Good, then we say so? You can bake bread with me? I want to sew on a dress then, but stay only if you want."


Harry found his interest. He loved to bake, cook, and he started helping Marry with dresses. He seemed to have a more feminine side, against what Niall had. Yet, no one reacted and Harry got to be the person he was.

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