Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


8. My girlfriend

"You can't love me." Niall mumbled. "We're only fifteen years old and we're guys?" 
Harry didn't let Niall go and he smiled. 
"I've known since I was little that I'm not like everyone else. I love dresses and makeup and shoes." 
Niall tried to easy get away. 
"Come on. We are brothers and this is wrong." 
Harry didn't give up. He took his arms a little tighter around Nialls body and smiled at him. 
"Isn't it enough that I love you?" 
Niall managed to get out of his grip. 
"I'm not sure I feel the same for you, Harry. You're like a brother, a friend, a best friend, but not as a girlfriend."


It became so wrong! Niall realized that Harry was disappointed, but Niall felt that he should understand that Niall wasn't interested. You couldn't force another person to love, just because you yourself wanted that.


On Saturday came Eleanor to the farm and direct Niall understood that it was for his sake. He ran up the room and made ​​sure the hair was okay. He heard that Tom let her in and he heard that they were talking. Niall smiled to himself and walked out of the room. He was heading for the stairs when Harry came out of his room and grabbed Nialls arm. 
"You can't be with her." 
Niall freed herself and gave him a cold stare. 
"Stop it, Harry. I'm not interested in you in that way and she's at least a girl." 
"But I can be like a girl?" 
Niall just snorted and walked down to Eleanor. She smiled as soon as she caught sight of Niall. 
Tom left them with a smile. Niall was unsure what he would do with her.


Niall showed her his horse and how it looked in the yard. When Eleanor took his hand in hers, he blushed easily. She giggled and was as nervous as he was. 
"You've never had a girlfriend before me?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"And have you had ... a boyfriend?" 
She giggled. 
"I was dating a guy a few years ago, but it was nothing like this."
Niall just blushed. He had never seen himself as a guy with a girlfriend. Eleanor made ​​it seem so simple. Okay, he didn't have feelings for her, but the stomach tingled that she now was there, beside him. 
"You're a virgin?" she kept asking. Niall blushed so that all he was red all over. 
"Yes, are you?" 
Eleanor nodded and giggled some more. Niall figured out that girls giggled a lot and guys just laughed. It was very divided between them and he wondered if they even had anything in common?


Eleanor seemed more foreward against Niall. When they came down to the lake, and no one saw them, she kissed him again. This time she took her arms around his shoulders and pressed herself against him. Niall assumed it was as that you did? He brought his arms around her waist and felt her lips kissed him. It felt throughout the body and he liked it. She released him and pulled him away into the grass. She lay down on her back in the grass and smiled at him. 
"Lie on top of me. This is how you show that you love the girl." 
Niall blushed, but he obeyed her. He lay down over her and she kissed him directly. It was as if she always wanted more. She spread her legs and pressed up against him. Niall felt that he had boner, but he tried to make sure she didn't notice it. Eleanor knew how guys worked? She seemed at least to know what made Niall to get excited. Niall was even more surprised when she pulled up her tank top and showed her breasts. He understood that he might touch them, which he did. He felt under his palm how soft she was, and he felt her nipple. He moaned lightly and Eleanor giggled. 
"You like them?" 
Niall just nodded. He looked down at her two breasts and actually they were beautiful. He had never seen a girl's breasts before, and he understood that he liked it.


Eleanor pulled down the shirt and then smiled at him. 
"If you see me between the legs, may I see your member, then?" 
Niall was breathtaking. Did she mean that for seriously? 
she nodded 
"Just take a look?" 
Niall became insecure and rolled off her. He saw that she pulled up her skirt and he saw her panties. He even felt that he had boner and he didn't want her to see that part. Eleanor had already drawn attention to his harsh pants. She looked down at it and smiled bigger. 
"You first!" Niall got out. Eleanor looked so no one saw them. She then pulled down her panties and lay down so he could see it all and he looked straight in between her legs. Niall groaned. She looked nothing like a guy. She had hair and instead of a dick she had something else. Niall didn't know if he would like it. She was quick and pull down his pants. She was prompt and finally stood Nialls boner up in the open. Eleanor became silent and just stared at it. 
"So big?" she murmured. Niall blushed immediately and was about to pull up his pants again, but she got him to stop. "Can I touch it?" 
Niall shook his head and tried to think clearly. 
"No, we said we would just watch."
Eleanor's hand slipped right down to it, and when she let her hand play with Nialls boner he groaned. She didn't know how she would do, but it was nice. In the end, he showed her. He took her hand around it and got her to move her hand up and down. Eleanor giggled and smiled at him. 
"Is that the way to like it?" 
Niall groaned and nodded. Eleanor let her hand continue to touch his dick and she started kissing him again. This time Niall loved everything and he let her continue. He felt his whole body tingled and he felt that he was affected. Eleanor moaned too and she moved closer to him. It didn't take much for him do come to the end and Niall felt when he came. He whimpered and Eleanor was almost shocked that he dropped off the liquid.


When Eleanor had washed her hand in the lake and they had got their clothes on, she giggled at him. 
"Niall, if you want, you you touch me next time?" 
He smiled and nodded. It would be interesting to see how she wanted it. Maybe it was easier with a girl? 
They went back to the house and actually felt Niall relieved. It was a wonderful experience and he wondered if girls felt the same way? Girls had anyway softer hands and seemed more cautious towards guys. Niall liked that she was so soft and he liked that she was curious.


Niall lay at night in bed and right away he wondered if he was in love now? If he loved Eleanor or what he felt for her. It was still exciting to be near her and she had been kind to him. Niall convinced himself that he really loved Eleanor. He really wanted to be her boyfriend and it was exciting to look at each other's bodies. He wondered if he was still a virgin, but assumed that he was. In a book he had read that a man was forced to have sex with a woman for it to count. The question was what sex was all about?







Sounds silly... 
But in my imagination Niall don't know about what sex is... 
Let's say that he has never heard about it or read much about it.

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