Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


7. kisses and girlfriend

It was a struggle for Harry. Niall however, loved life and he always ended up where it all happened. He was popular at school and he was the one who dared to help the other on the farm. Tom even bought a horse to Nialls fifteen birthday. A horse to herd cows and ride around with. Niall was enthused over the gift, but Harry was less impressed. 
"Why do you fit in?" he got out to Niall and he looked generally angry. "Must you always fit them perfectly?" 
Niall sighed and saw that Harry was disappointed in himself. 
"You may also get a horse?" 
Harry shook his head and sighed. 
"I don't want to have a horse. I just want to be the person I am." 
Niall hugged him lightly. 
"Come on and was happy for me? I always try to set up on you and I'm always happy for you."
Harry sighed. 
"Okay! I'm happy for you and happy birthday." he took up a small package. "It's not much but it's from me." 
Niall smiled and opened it quickly. He found a box under the paper and opened it. There in lay a necklace with an amulet. On the amulet stood Nialls name and directly he hugged Harry. 
"It's beautiful. Thanks!"
Harry smiled and hugged him back. 
"You will always remember me, as long as you have it." 
Niall nodded and released him. 
"Thank you!"


The school began Eleanor show more and more interest in Niall. One day she followed Niall into the yard at school, giggling as always.
"You know that you're pretty?"
Niall had no idea about ​​that part and didn't care. He had after all been told throughout his life that he wasn't good enough.
She nodded and looked into his eyes.
"You know that many in the school are couple, they are together?"
Niall nodded and tried to figure out what she wanted.
"Oh yeah?"
Eleanor stopped Niall and took his hand.
"You don't need to answer now, but would you like to be with me?"
Niall just stared at her. He realized she was serious, but why. Eleanor became almost more giggly when she saw his reaction. 
"Come on Niall, you are a bit interested in me?" 
Honestly, he wasn't, but he didn't dare tell her about that fact. He didn't want to make her to be sad. 
"Okay!" he said instead. Eleanor lit up and gave him a quick hug, then she ran away to her friends.


"You're not normal." hissed Harry to Niall, when they went home. "She's not even cute and you're not even in love with her." 
Niall sighed and gave him a cold stare. 
"Maybe not, but at the same time, it's exciting to have a girlfriend." 
Harry just snorted and looked out the window. He wasn't at all happy over to Niall and Eleanor were a couple. 
"But come on." Niall got out of it. "Don't tell me you're jealous?" 
Harry continued to be stubborn and gave him a cold stare. 
"As if I would want her? She's certainly not a virgin and she has certainly been with all the guys before you." 
Niall sighed and realized that it was impossible to talk to Harry.


Tom just laughed when he heard about Nialls girlfriend. 
"She comes from a good family. I know who's she is." 
Niall blushed and sighed. Why make a big deal about it? Niall had just said yes and she hadn't attempted more that day. They had barely spoken to each other. 
"Girlfriends are only for idiots." Harry mumbled. Tom sighed and pulled Harry into his arms. 
"You will also find a cute girl one day. You don't have to worry about that part." 
Niall saw at Harry that it was the word girlfriend he hated.


Eleanor took with her Niall at the back of the school, and she made ​​sure no one saw them. 
"You're my boyfriend?" 
Niall gulped and nodded. He didn't know how to talk to girls or what they wanted. He wondered if it mattered if he said anything else? Eleanor stood closer to him. 
"So please, kiss me?" 
Niall was about to faint. He was red in the face and didn't know what to do it. He was surprised when she leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on the lips. She had soft lips and she blushed as much as he did. 
"You're just too cute." she whispered when the kiss was over​​. "You can also kiss me more and do more. Would you?"


Niall was in heaven. It was his first kiss and he had no idea it could be so wonderful. He didn't even know how he would be. It was as if he had lost his virginity.


Niall was riding when he came home after school and he thought that it was just wonderful. No one had told him that the girls were so soft. That their lips were so nice and so perfect in every way. Niall saddled the horse and took it out in the pasture. He saw how the horse ran away to the other horses and then he turned around to go to the house. Niall was startled. Harry stood there and he just stared at him. 
"She kissed you?" 
Niall smiled. He didn't want Harry to ruin the day and he didn't want to argue. Niall walked past Harry, trying not to appear weak. Harry stabbed immediately grabbed his arm and pulled him toward a hidden place. Niall didn't react until Harry kissed him. It became almost like a shock. Niall felt how Harry almost pushed him up against the tree. 
"Don't you see that I love you?" 
Niall didn't know what to say. He just stared at Harry.

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