Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


20. Finally

Niall just wanted to shout out straight. He stared at her and he didn't understand what she said. 
"You mean you've had sex with him?" 
She began to cry more and nodded. 
"It just happened and ..." 
Niall was furious and looked over at Tom. He sat with his head down and he did everything to disappear. 
"You aren't fucking normal either of you." shouted Niall directly. Destiny tried to calm him down, but Niall was disappointed. He was hurt and he felt his stomach twisted in anger. He stared at her cold. 
"If anyone should, it's you who fucking should stay away from him? He's fucking our dad!"
Niall didn't care anymore about the fact that the truth came out. Harry or Destiny or whoever it was who stood before him, had gone beyond all limits. 
"Harry you're sick! You need help!" he shouted. All balked and Marry seemed not to understand. Niall didn't care anymore. He stood so everyone saw him. 
"She!" he pointed at Destiny. "Isn't a she, it's a he who changed gender." 
Now seemed even Tom flinch. Niall began to cry and he lost all understanding. 
"Harry left us because I refused to have a relationship with him. He realized that I wasn't a gay and instead he left and did his dream. He became a girl and chose instead to live as a woman." 
Tom didn't seem to believe in Niall. 
"You mean, that's Harry?" 
Niall gulped and he only saw black in front of him. 
"Damn you fucked with your own son. Are you happy now?"
Niall looked at Destiny again. He saw that she was heartbroken, but he didn't care. 
"Damn Harry. You had everything. I had given you everything, but you damn lowered yourself in the shit. I never want to see you again. Leave me just alone." 
Destiny seemed to hesitate. She looked at Niall and out over the other. 
"I've certainly made ​​a fool of me?" 
Marry just stared at her and then she seemed to understand who she had in front of her. 
Destiny nodded. 
"Yes, I'm Harry, but not the one that you took care of. I never fitted the template as a boy." 
Marry walked up to her and although it all went to hell, she hugged her. 
"Harry, so you're not dead?"


Niall chose to leave the place. He ran up the room and quickly packed bag. He took off his clothes and changed into the ordinary clothes. He could no longer think clearly. He just wanted away. It was as if everything had opened up beneath him and he just fell. He ran out to the car and as he drove away, Destiny came running out and seemed to want to stop him. It was the last time that Niall set his foot on the farm and it was the last time he saw Harry.




"So what do you do now" Eleanor got out of herself and helped Niall out with the last crate in the car. Niall smiled weakly and looked up at the empty apartment. 
"I don't know! Maybe look around in the world?" 
She smiled and hugged him lightly. 
"Louis and I will always be here for you. You can call us whenever you want and you can come by any time you want." 
Niall smiled and released her. 
"I know!"
Louis came out to them and smiled at him. 
"Hope you get what you seeking for?" 
Niall laughed a little bit. 
"It can't get worse than what it was?" 
Louis nodded and looked down at the ground. 
"I heard that Destiny left town quickly." 
Niall snorted. 
"I wont talk about her any more. Couldn't we just forget everything?" 
Louis nodded and gave him a friendly hug. 
"Good luck!" 
Niall hugged him back and then jumped into the car. 
"Now begins the life!"



Ten years later, Niall a letter from Harry.



I know you don't want contact with me again and I understand why. I just want to explain why everything went so wrong. When we were little, I wanted nothing more than that you would love me. I looked up to you and I pined for you, which was why I couldn't let you go when I got a family. Maybe that was meant that our lives would be so devastated? I struggled to be someone I wasn't. You struggled to move on, but I destroyed everything. I thought it would be enough to become a woman, to become the person you wanted. Somewhere along the way I lost myself. I was so in to fit into your life and when Tom showed up, I couldn't resist the temptation. It felt like I finally had power. When I was a kid he told me that I was bad, but now I could entice him and make him scream. It was as if I had waited for this moment all my life and I wanted to have authority over him. I always hated Tom. He always wanted me to be like you, but I knew I would never fit in as a boy. When he wanted me as a woman, I couldn't stop it. 

I haven't just ruined my childhood and my life. I have also ruined everything for you and I know you will have a hard time trusting people again. But Niall! All isn't as I am and they aren't all idiots. You will find your place in life and maybe that even I can seek up a little harmony. I just want you to take care of yourself and I will forever be indebted to you. I'm sorry for everything I've done. I'm sorry that I hurt you. I will always love you. 

Your Harry / Destiny



the end

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