Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


10. Disappearance

Niall woke up in the morning that it was running around on the farm and Tom came into the Nialls room. 
"Have you talked to Harry this night?" 
Niall chose to lie. He couldn't tell Tom that Harry had seduced Niall and that they had had physical contact with each other.
"No, what happened?" 
Tom had tears in his eyes and showed up a paper. 
"He has left us. He has decided to leave the farm and he wont come back." 
Niall flew out of bed and took the letter from Tom. He shook as he read it.


I know I can't stay, also because I love you and I know you love me. I can no longer live up to your requirements, to be a perfect son, the perfect boy. I'm nothing of it, because I have long known that I am gay. I'm going out into the world and to seek out those who are like me. I can't be alone in having been born in the wrong body? I want to be a girl, I also want to grow up and feel that I'm beautiful. Maybe some one can help me with my problem, maybe not. I just know I can't stay. I don't want you're looking for me or you to become angry. Just try to understand. I can no longer keep aside those feelings that I carry on and I can't hide who I am. I'm Harry, I have a guy's body but want to be a girl and I'm not a perfect son.


Niall realized that Harry left the farm because of Niall. When emotions weren't answered and it didn't went as Harry wanted, he chose to flee away. Niall repented. He regretted the harsh words, and he regretted that he had been so cold. All day long searched Tom through the area, he was in the village, he went to the nearby towns, but Harry was gone. Niall realized he had gotten his friend to be devastated. He had broken Harry's heart and couldn't repair the errors, mistakes or words.


For a month Tom tried to get the police to search for Harry. Tom, himself was out looking all the time. Niall felt like the black sheep in the family and he was ashamed. He didn't want to be honest and tell the truth. He didn't want Marry or Tom would get the wrong picture of Harry. Maybe that honesty is better than a lie, but sometimes the truth hurts more.


After two months, began life slowly return to kind of normal. The family wasn't whole anymore, but everyone tried to fight. Tom hoped that Harry would call home, send a letter or at least make himself heard, so they knew he was alive.


After six months, they talked about all the happy moments with Harry and no one seemed to remember the bad things that happened. No one talked about the dresses which he sewed or on his way to be.


When Niall was sixteen years old, knew all, they had to let go of Harry. He wanted to come out in the world and now he was doing what he wanted to do. No one could stop him.


When Niall had turned seventeen, was almost the memory of Harry faded and Niall barely remember what he looked like.

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