Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


14. Destiny or who?

Niall ended in a truce. He ended up in a fog. He realized slowly that the truth really was true. Destiny communed with Eleanor and they were many times with Louis and had parties. Niall went completely in to school and he became almost addicted to the books. It was only when he was studying, that he really worked.


One evening there was a knock on the door and Destiny came into Nialls apartment. He stopped and just stared at her. 
She smiled and closed the door behind her back. 
"You've changed?" 
Niall swallowed. 
"I'm older?" 
She shook her head. 
"I meant that you have changed since I confessed everything. I was with you when you were out that night and you got Eleanor to choose Louis. You were happier then?" 
Niall nodded a little bit. 
"The world had sense and I could grab the things that was around me." 
She took a few steps towards him. 
"And now?" 
Niall swallowed. 
"Please Harry, I mean Destiny, it will take time to understand everything that has happened to you."
She smiled with satisfaction and sat down beside him on the sofa. 
"Is it hard to understand me?" 
Niall had no answer. Destiny saw it and she leaned lightly against him. 
"You've always been a down to earth guy and you want to understand everything that's going on?" 
Niall nodded a little weak and became uncertain. 
"Roughly something like that, yes?" 
Destiny giggled and let her lips caress Nialls cheek. 
"Can you understand me?" 
Niall swallowed. 
She smiled and let her lips meet Nialls. They kissed each other gently and Niall felt his whole body seemed to be in rebellion. 
"Harry, I ...."
She chose to take her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. 
"I still love you." she whispered. "There's never been anyone else that I loved more than you." 
Niall felt how she came closer and it ended up with that she was lying on top of him on the sofa. Their lips met again and this time let Niall go off everything.


Destiny drew off him the shirt and kissed him down across his chest. Niall groaned and took his hands over her head. 
"We shouldn't do this." 
She giggled and unbuttoned his pants. Before he knew it, she tore off all his clothes and smiled big. 
"You are so beautiful, Niall. You've always had such a perfect body and I just love it."
Niall groaned when she lay down on top of him again. He couldn't finish it, put an end to it all. Instead, he tore off her dress and her bra. Desteny giggled and pulled off her panties. Niall looked down at her gorgeous body and moaned lightly. 
She smiled and kissed him again. She let her tongue slip in between his lips and he began gently to discover her body. He felt her lovely breasts under his hands and actually he liked them. She rubbed herself against his boner and moaned lightly. 
"Niall, I have a hole and you can take me." 
Niall swallowed. 
"I'm a virgin." 
She giggled. 
"Me too!"
Niall groaned against her lips and felt her slowly let him penetrate. Niall closed his eyes, and he felt how he filled her. She moaned and landed on him. He had come in all the way and it was absolutely wonderful. Niall took his hands around her waist and spun around. He ended up on top of her body and quickly he began to move on his body. She was absolutely perfect and absolutely wonderful. Full Niall was like crazy about her and he realized he was falling for Destiny, or Harry.


"How do I get you to enjoy?" he was uncertain, when he felt that she was just lying under him. She put his hand down to her clit and immediately he began to caress her. He watched as she opened her mouth and moaned higher. 
"Continue Niall." hissed Destiny and moved her hip up against him. Niall smiled and pushed harder into her. He filled her again and again with his dick and he loved it. He caressed her and it wasn't long until she was shaking under him. When she come, she took her arms tightly around Nialls neck and pushed him down. 
"Damn, I will...." she screamed and she was like a explosion. Full Destiny screamed and she was like a madman. When she had calmed down, she smiled big. 
"Now it's your turn." she was breathing rapidly but forced Niall continue. "Come inside me!" 
Niall groaned and he quickly began to pressed into her. He felt every muscle was tense in the body and he kissed her again. He kissed her so hard, so passionately and so lovingly as he could. In the end, he felt how he ended up in the fog and the whole body was like a battlefield. He pressed himself into her and came. Niall shook and squeezed his face threats her neck to keep from crying. He was filled with the worlds all the feelings that slowly petered out.


"Should we try?" Niall got out. He still lay on top of her and he hid his face against her neck. She seemed happy and nodded. 
"If you want?" 
Niall smiled and raised his head. He looked into her eyes. 
"It doesn't matter if you are a Harry or Destiny, I think I have feelings for you." 
She became serious and tears appeared behind her eyes. Niall instantly became uncertain and swallowed. 
"Did I say something stupid?" 
She shook her head. 
"No, this is the happiest day of my life."

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