Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


4. Defend a Friend

The summer passed quickly and Niall didn't even think about that it was summer. The children had to work and toil from morning to evening. Sometimes it past those who wanted to adopt, but none chose Niall and he realized he had no chance. No one wanted to have a poor Irishman or a curl-haired Harry. Once he had come to realize, Niall knew that he had to be strong.


One night Harry came and crawled into bed Nialls. Niall had long since become accustomed that everyone was naked sometimes, and he didn't care that Harry was gay. Everyone got to be how they wanted, just they felt good. 
"I can't take much more." Harry whispered and crept close to Niall. "It feels like summer wasn't even a summer." 
Niall agreed, and took his arms around his friend's body. Harry cocked his head on the Irishman chest and sighed. 
"Missing still your family?" 
Niall nodded instantly. 
"Yes, this isn't a day until I think of them."
Harry looked up at him and smiled weakly. 
"I wish I could think like that, about my mom, but she didn't like that I'm gay. Perhaps it's fated to end up here?" 
Niall looked down at him and tried to understand how it would feel, to have a mother who didn't want to know of you.
"She doesn't know who she misses." whispered Niall nicely and felt that the sleep came. He yawned and slowly he began to fall into dreamland. He knew that Harry was moving gently. Niall chose not to reign when Harry gave him a light kiss on the cheek. 
"I love you." 
Niall couldn't explain that he wasn't gay or that he hadn't any interest in Harry. They were friends and that was all. 


In the morning woke Niall up and he was alone in bed. He did as all mornings. He got up, showered and put on his clothes. Right as it was Zayn came up to him. 
"You know that you are in so much trouble?" 
Niall was startled, and met the Muslims look. 
Zayn smiled rather sheepishly and blushed. 
"Everyone sees how Harry looks at you and it starts going rumors that you are like him." 
Niall snorted. 
"We're friends!"
Zayn laughed a little bit and pushed teasingly on him. 
"And you believe that the big guys believe in that?" 
Niall frowned. 
"Yes, why not?" 
Zayn just laughed and went away. Niall realized he had to defend Harry and his friendship. Okay that Niall realized why the rumour went around their so-called relationship, but Niall didn't back away from a friendship. Harry was the one who still had bothered about Niall from day one and that was what friendship was all about.


Niall didn't do more than went out in the yard. He saw Harry in the middle and several large guys standing around him. Niall understood what it was about. He saw a man named Sam took a few steps toward the younger boy. 
"Fucking fagot!" he shouted. "You'll fucking must know your place and understand that you can't be gay." 
Niall chose to walk away to them. 
"Leave him alone." 
Sam spun around and looked coldly at Niall. 
"And here comes the little girlfriend?"
Niall saw the panic in Harry's eyes. It was as if he didn't want Niall to be there. 
"I'm his friend, you have a problem with that?" Niall got out and tried to look tough. Sam turned cold around and looked in his eyes. Sam came up to Niall. 
"You're just a little parasite!" 
Niall backed when Sam got too close, but it didn't help.


It all happened fast! A blow to the face, punch in the stomach and pain everywhere. Niall ended up on the ground and felt the blood in his mouth. He heard the cheers and some other guys had come there. Niall realized that Sam was now embarking on Harry. Therefore, he became angry and out of pure anger, he stood up. He flew over the ground and threw himself over Sam's back. He grabbed his neck and made ​​him stop kicking Harry. 
"You'll fucking stop beating." he shouted. Sam was surprised and staggered back a few steps. Niall released him and before he landed on the ground, he pulled him in the back with his foot. Sam screamed and spun around. He kicked Niall, he beat him and finally was Niall about to lose consciousness. He disappeared and the whole body was like one big pool of blood.


Niall woke up late in the evening. He saw that he was no longer in his own bed, or even at the orphanage. Cautiously, he tried to look around the room and noticed that Harry was lying in bed next to him. They had hoses attached to the bodies and Niall realized that they had gotten into trouble. Mrs. Sanders came in and she saw at Niall that he was awake. 
"You should know better." she murmured and came to bed. "You are in the hospital, and this costs money." 
Niall didn't know if he would say anything, but he still chose to say something. 
"It was Sam who started." 
She snorted. 
"Yes, they say that! Ah well, but you have to sharpen yourself up and not acting like criminals. It's not a good public face." 
Niall swallowed. He could scarcely see her, because his eyes were swollen and he knew he looked good for the world. 
"I defend my friends and it's not about money." he mumbled. Ms. Sanders didn't seem like his words, but she remained silent and left them.


Harry woke up eventually and directly, he sought contact with Niall. 
"What happened?" 
Niall smiled. 
"We ended up in the hospital." 
Harry sighed, but he looked pleased. 
"We certainly did that." 
Niall nodded and looked up at the ceiling. 
"Your face is swollen." 
Harry laughed, although it hurt. 
"Have you seen yourself?" 
Niall shook his head and laughed also. 
"We can't get no families for a while."
Harry agreed. He smiled at Niall and seemed not to care. 
"Do you know that you are the only person in my life that I care about?" 
Niall smiled and looked at him. 
"Yeah, we're friends and we care for each other?" 
Harry nodded. 
"Thank you for saving me."
Niall smiled. 
"You'd have done the same for me."


Niall and Harry remained in the hospital for a whole week. It was like vacation. No work would be done, no disgusting food and no coercion. It felt as if they had come to heaven and they didn't want to go home.


Harry had the bad habit of not wanting to sleep alone. He crawled into bed Nialls, although the Irishman slept. Niall started to get accustomed to his friend's habit, but he understood that it had to be a change. 
"When we come to the orphanage, you have to sleep in your bed." 
Harry sighed and lay close to Niall. 
"Why can't we share the bed?" 
Niall swallowed. 
"Harry, they're only going to get more angry and next time we may not survive."

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