Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


9. Boy or girl?

In the evening showered Niall and he felt like a new man. He took the towel and took it around the waist. When he stood before the mirror, he wondered if he had changed? Were you more mature when you had a girlfriend or was he more like a tough guy? Eleanor was still his thoughts. Therefore, he was surprised when there was a knock on the door.


Niall was about to make jaws drop. Harry came into his room, dressed in a dress and makeup. He had attracted the hair and he almost looked like a girl. 
"What have you done?" Niall got out. Harry smiled and closed the door behind him. He showed off the dress and spun around one turn. 
"I made it myself." 
Niall gulped and looked down at Harry's feet. He had even bought girl shoes in his size. 
"But do you mean that..." 
Harry came up to him and got Niall silenced. He took his arms around Nialls shoulders and smiled big. 
"Do you love me like this, now that I'm a girl?"
Niall knew nothing. He looked into Harry's eyes and the younger boy was happy. 
"But you're Harry?" 
He sneezed. 
"No, I'm a girl." 
Niall felt how  Harry pressed himself against Niall and seemed to attract him. Niall didn't know what he would do. Harry just smiled and when their lips met, answered Niall the kiss. Was it natural? Harry pulled Niall against the bed and they both landed on the mattress. Niall almost lost his breath. Harry was intense and he pressed himself against the Irish. They ended up in another state, but Niall wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. 
"I can be anything you want Niall." whispered Harry and ended the kiss. "I can do more than what an ordinary girl can do for you."
"Like what?" 
Harry smiled and let his hand slide down over Nialls chest, down over his stomach and down between his legs. Niall groaned and felt Harry's palm slid over the area. 
"Niall, I know what you feel and I can make you love it more." 
Niall whimpered and tried to think clearly. 
"But Harry, we are two guys?" 
Harry didn't care. He kissed Niall and let his hand slowly unbutton his fly. He pulled off Niall his pants and then his shirt. In the end, Niall was completely naked beneath him. Harry smiled and ended the kiss. 
"Give me a chance and if you don't like it, I will never again touch your body."
Niall felt how Harry took his hand around Nialls member and made him moan quietly. The hand was moving perfectly over it and pretty soon Niall forgot that it was Harry's hand. He didn't notice that Harry stripped naked and lay on top of him. Niall groaned loudly when their bodies were moving over each other and the kiss was intense. Harry let his tongue slip in and they started letting the tongues playing with each other. Harry moved his hips and got their member to move between their bodies. He created a friction and it felt as if they had sex. Niall groaned and took his arms around Harry's waist. He couldn't stop and he liked it.


Eventually shook entire Nialls body. He pressed himself against Harry, and he felt his body slowly approached the end. Harry was moving faster over him and Niall had nothing against it. It was as if their bodies were a single lump and the more they pressed together, the more exciting it became. Harry ended the kiss and looked straight into Nialls eyes. They were red all over the faces and they moaned against each other's lips. Harry smiled when he saw how close Niall was. He enjoyed seeing Irishman enjoy and he enjoyed having Niall under him. Niall came to end. He took his arms tightly around Harry's shoulders and pressed up against him. Niall moaned against Harrys neck and he was shaking all over. A wonderful explosion appeared and he forced Harry to push hard down against him. When he had calmed down, Harry continued until he came. He moaned quietly and he pressed himself against the Irish. 


The two boys' body fluids smeared them together and when Niall had regained consciousness, he was just embarrassed. 
"What happened?" 
Harry smiled and took Nialls face between his hands. 
"We almost had sex." 
Niall frowned. 
"But Harry, this can't happen again. You know that and we can't do it in our home. Marry or Tom can come in here and see us." 
Harry giggled and kissed him lightly. 
"They're always going out in the barn before they go to bed. They can't know anything." 
Niall pushed direct Harry away. 
"No, we can't!" 
Harry was scared, but also disappointed. 
"You liked it, then you should choose me and not Eleanor."
Niall stood up and looked coldly at Harry. 
"Stop it, you are living in a fantasy where you are a girl, but you know what. You're not a girl and you will never be a girl." 
Harry quietly began to cry and he didn't utter a word. Niall was just angry and annoyed. He went into the bathroom and showered. He washed his body with a sponge, just to get away from Harry. When he was clean and came back to the bed where Harry gone. Niall puffed out and sat down on the bed. He felt small. He had a way betrayed Harry, but at the same time wasn't Niall a gay. He liked Eleanor and he didn't want Harry's boy's body.

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