Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


2. A day

Niall found it uncomfortable to lie naked in bed and when he woke up in the morning seemed no one else care. They left their beds and hardly looked at each other.
"You have to go up." murmured Louis to Niall and sighed. "We need to take a shower every morning and lather ourselves. Mrs. Sanders doesn't want lice among us and she's careful hygiene."
Niall took down his foot down on the floor and sat up. Liam gave him a plastic covered soap.
"You get a new one every week and that's all we get from the orphanage. Unless you count with food and clothing. Take care of it."
Niall just nodded and noted that some of the boys had bruises all over their bodies. One of the guys even had the marks of a cane. 
"Watch it!" Liam mumbled and realized that Niall had many questions. "The less you know the better." 
Have come over to Niall and smiled big. 
"Come, I'll show you the shower." 
Niall dared nothing but follow. He didn't feel comfortable with going out naked from the room, but when they came into the shower room-dried he didn't care. It just felt good to be clean and he felt that he had to adapt.


Niall ended up between Harry and Louis, in the dining room. Everyone would stand up and Mrs. Sanders entered. She went through the whole room and seemed to call them all. She stopped in front of a guy and noted if  he was clean everywhere. 
"Your ears?" 
The guy was dying. 
"Yes ma'am!" 
She lifted her hand and slapped him straight across the face. 
"Now you wont forget your ears tonight, then you'll fucking be clean and there isn't much that I require from you, you little jerk." 
Niall was afraid, but he felt how Harry sedative took his hand. It was as if everyone took a deep breath and way of thinking about if they had washed all over. Ms. Sanders didn't seem to care about that the guy got hurt. Instead, she spun around and stared at them all. 
"Good children receive a new home, dirty children end up in hell." she snorted. "You should be grateful that you are here."


Everyone got a plate of gray porridge, a little sugar on it and a sandwich that was hard. 
Niall knew he couldn't complain and he did his best to eat. 
"I often fantasize that there's something else on the plate." Harry whispered to him. "I often fantasize that the porridge is strawberries with milk and then it will be easier to eat." 
Niall smiled against him. 
"I'll try."


On the farm, it was the older guys who decided over the younger ones. The was a vegetable garden, apple trees and all that one could dream about. 
"Touch nothing more than weeds." Harry showed directly to Niall. "Will any of us take a carrot or an apple, they lock you in the basement." 
Niall nodded and looked away towards the oldest. 
"And they?" 
Harry smiled weakly. 
"They don't work, because we are younger may do all the work. Mrs. Sanders approves it, just we get the job done."


It was a wonderful day and actually liked Niall picking weeds. As the clock approached noon, everyone started to withdraw towards the dining room again. On the way there had al to wash their hands in buckets of water. Then they earlier looked that all young were clean. Niall sat down next to Harry and hoped for better food. He was hungry and accustomed to eating food whenever he wanted. He was disappointed when the food consisted of mashed potatoes and some burnt pieces of meat. Niall gulped and did as Harry. He fantasized that it was better food.


Niall envisioned how his family sat together in the kitchen and how he's mom came in with a big piece of meat. It was handed to everyone and they were always potatoes and gravy to it. Niall was dreaming away and couldn't help but smile. His mother would force him to eat more. 
"My son has to be big and strong." she said and hugged Niall. "There will be ice cream for dessert."
Nialls dad would have laughed a little bit and pulled his hand over Nialls hair. 
"My son is so strong that it's enough. Niall you're a good son."


In the afternoon Niall had to chop wood. The wood would then go down into the basement and heat the whole house. It was a tough job and Niall almost fainted several times. He was thirsty and he wanted nothing more than to rest, but he understood that no one would allow him a break. The wood was cut and it came down to the basement. Right as it was, he heard some girls giggled and he looked up toward a window. He saw how the older guys started to flirt with them and the girls answered their smile.
"But we were not al... " muttered Niall. Harry sighed and interrupted him.
"Haven't you understood anything? Elderly can flirt with them how much they want. Mrs. Sanders let the pair move into an apartment and get a job. It's their way out and when you are eighteen years old will still a family not want to have you."
Niall sighed .
"So how do you be adopted?"
Harry looked at Niall and smiled uncertainly.
"I'm still here, then I don't know. I try to be nice and look like a good son, but no one wants me. They want the younger boys and not us older."
Niall frowned. 
"So we'll never are going to come out from this place?" 
Harry sighed 
"Well when you're nineteen. Then they throw you out on the street and you get to take care of yourself." 
Harry seemed honest and Niall understood that life was tough. 
"And then?" 
Harry had no answer and changed the subject. 
"Cut your wood so that we will be ready for supper."


Evening food was no better than any other meal. Again porridge and a fierce sandwich to eat. Niall sighed. This time he didn't managed to fantasize that he ate edited food. He tried to eat and he tried to swallow it down.


Again into the shower and wash. Then straight to bed. Niall just wanted to cry and he missed his old life. If God existed, he should understand that this was the wrong place for him. When the light was extinguished he hid his face against the pillow. He didn't want anyone to hear him cry. He didn't want to show that he was weak and he didn't want the others to tease him.


Right as it was Harry came over to him. He crawled under Nialls blanket and took his arms around his body. 
"Try to stand out." he whispered and smiled. He made sure that Niall landed with his ​​head on Harrys chest and he held his arms around the Irish. First was Niall against it because they were naked, but in the end he switched off. 
"I just want mom and dad and my brother back." 
Harry ran his hand through Nialls hair. 
"I can't help you there. Attempt to sleep instead. Tomorrow we go back to work."

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