Hazzy (A Harry Styles Fanfic) (16+)

Warning: Mature content. Lesbian love, Harry is a girl in this fanfic. Two love birds can't be caged.


1. Hazzy

Renée's pov

"Hannah slow down." I said grabbing my stomach. We were running track and I stopped. Hannah stopped a couple feet in front of me and turned. "For someone who has an amazing body, you have to stop alot to breathe." I puffed out some air. "It's just hot and the heat makes me not able to breathe." "Stewart! Keep running!" I sighed and straightened up. I kept running with Hannah. I'd have a heat stroke before too much longer. "Hey, what are you doing tonight?" Hannah asked and I thought. It was Friday, I'm 18. What should I be doing? "Nothing, why?" "Krysta is throwing that big party tonight. Her brother is inviting a bunch of kids from his high school." The couch blew the whistle. "Alright ladies, good job. You may go change and go home." She yelled. Hannah and I turned around and walked to the locker rooms. "So." "You know how many hot college guys will be there wanting to hook up with senior high school girls?" I put my hands on my hips and tried to breathe slower. "Alright, I'll go." I answered. 


Hannah got ready at my house. We did our make up, hair and picked out our outfits. I just wore a black Iron Maiden shirt, short shorts and my black converse. Hannah went all out and wore a short black dress. I had my hair up in high pony tail with a side braid. Hers was left down and she straightened it. I wasn't going to dress up for the party. I didn't feel like being all dolled up like Hannah was. 


"This party is going to be sick." Hannah said and walked up to the door. There was already smoke and the smell of alcohol in the atmosphere. Walking into the house there was already someone hunched over puking. "Nice." I said and walked in the living room. "Renée lighten up. Drink." Hannah said pointing to the bar and I shrugged and walked over to the bar. There was alcohol sitting out and I grabbed vodka and poured it into the blue plastic cup and took the sprite and mixed it. 


I was 2 drinks in, not even drunk yet. Hannah went to go talk to Krysta and I was alone. I wasn't dancing with anyone and so many guys asked but I denied them. I wasn't up for it. 

I put my cup down to go to the bathroom, I had to pee so bad and I couldn't hold it. I walked to the restroom and opened the door to see a girl on the sink half naked and a guy between her legs. "Oh," I was shocked to see them. "sorry. I should learn to knock." I said and quickly shut the door. "In case someone is having sex in the bathroom." I said to myself and walked away and walked back to the party. 

This party wasn't "sick" like Hannah said. It sucked. All theses guys were greasy. Did no one take showers these days? "Hiii." I heard a female English accent. I looked back and saw a girl with a grey beanie on. She smiled pretty white teeth at me. "Hey." I smiled back. "You here alone?" She asked me and I shook my head. "No, my friends are somewhere else." I looked behind me and didn't see them. "Somewhere." I mumbled and took a drink. I'm always left alone. 

"I'm Harriet." She held out her hand and I pulled the cup from my lips. I smiled and shook it. She had a ring on both her middle fingers. Her nails were painted black and she had about three black hair ties on her wrist. Does she need that many? "Renée." I shook her hand "With an accent?" I nodded "Yes." "So you're French?" I nodded once again. "Half French, half Indian and southern from my dads side." "I can tell by the cute little accent." I stared at her for a moment and nodded a bit and smiled. "You wanna get out of here and talk?" She asked and I nodded "Sure." I put my cup down and walked out of the house with Harriet. 


"So you're from Tennessee?" Harriet asked me as we sat in the sand by the ocean. "Yeah. I was moved here by my mom." Harriet looked at me as she played with the sand. "You don't like it here in California?" "I do. I just I miss my dad. I was closer with him than my mom." Harriet continued staring at me. She had been all night. "Why did they split up?" She asked and I looked down. "Because my mom did get what she wanted. If it hadn't been for me, my dad would probably be famous." I put my head on my arms that were held up by my knees. "You blame yourself?" I shook my head and a tear escaped my left eye.

I felt Hazzy grab my hand and hold it. Her hands were soft. I've never held hands with a girl before other than my mom. She rubbed the back of my hand and I looked at the water. "Sure is pretty out here." I said wiping the tears away with my other hand. "Yeah," Harriet looked out at the water. "it is." The moon shined on top of the ocean and it made it look like it was sparkling. I had never seen something so pretty. I have been with Harriet for 2 hours and I feel she's been staring at me all night. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want her to be offended by anything. "Have you ever skinny dipped?" Harriet smiled and let go of my hand. I shook my head "No." I giggled and looked at her. "Wanna try it?" I looked out at the ocean and stared. "I mean, we can keep our bras and panties on." I looked back up at her. I was a little paranoid about getting caught. "Isn't it against the law? I mean, we'd get in trouble." "Not of anyone catches us." She said and got up pulling off her top. I looked back out and sighed. I don't want to get in trouble.

"Come on." Harriet said and I looked back at her. "It'd be so much fun. Lets be wild." I got up and took off my shirt. Harriet took off her jeans and boots. My shorts came off with my converse. I laid them aside and looked back at the ocean. "Won't this be freezing?" I asked and Harriet smiled and nodded. "Yep." I scrunched my face at the feeling of how cold this water will be. "Just come on, you big baby." She smiled as she grabbed my arm and ran towards the water. My feet touched the freezing water and I winced. "Harriet, this water is freezing!" She looked back and smiled. "We have to get you over that now, won't we?" And before we knew it, we were under water. My whole body was frozen and numb from it already. 

I swam back up and wiped my eyes. There was salt water still in them from not having time to close them when Harriet and I took a dive. "Oh my god. You are seriously insane, Harriet! Jesus!" I wiped my mouth and kept rubbing my eyes. She came up and smiled at me "I know. Isn't it great? Life's too short to stay boring, love. We have to have fun." I brought my hands down to my side and stared at Harriet. She looked at me with a smile "I like your body." She said I smiled at her and looked down. I noticed my bra was showing through and I covered them. "Sorry." I apologized and Harriet smiled bigger "We're both girls here. You don't have to cover anything. If my brother was here, then yeah, you'd want to. He's a sick horny kid." I looked at her "Is he hot?" She narrowed her eyes at me. "Are you joking?" 

Uh oh... 

"My brother would fuck you and then ditch you, Renée and you do not deserve that." Why was this girl telling me this? "It's happened before, Harriet-" "And it won't happen again, Renée. I swear to you." I had to be staring at her like she was stupid. I knew I was. "What?" I shook my head and a giggle escaped my mouth. 

A rumble of thunder came from above us and I looked up. "Perfect. Now we're going to get sick." Harriet also looked up and then ran out of the water. She ran back over to where our clothes were and took out her phone and unlocked it. "Not we won't. I'll just have my horn dog brother come pick us up. I came with friends to the party, so I don't have my car." I walked out of the freezing water. I've never been so cold in my life. My legs were numb. 

"That was the dumbest idea ever, Harriet." I said and grabbed my shorts and slid them up my legs. She smiled and put the phone to her ear. "I know." I grabbed my shirt. I put it on and put my wet hair up in a messy bun. "Harry?" I heard Harriet. Harriet and Harry? Cute. I pulled on my converse and crossed my arms. Harriet started putting on her ripped skinny jeans as her shoulder held the phone to her ear. "Can you come get me and my friend?" I heard a faint raspy voice from where I stood. "No," Harriet squeaked and she looked at me and then back down at her jeans. "I mean, hopefully." I crossed my legs in front of one and played with my lips as I acted as if I wasn't listening. I looked down at the sand. "If you could get here before it hits, that'd be perfect with me." I looked up and stared as she hung up and sighed. "God." she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. 

"Before what hits? Is it about to storm bad?" I asked. Harriet popped her head through her shirt and looked at me. "Yeah." She grabbed her boots and pulled them on. "Do you think your mum will be cool with you staying the night at my place?" I looked around and thought.

No, defiantly not. I know better not to even ask her. 

"I-I could ask..." shit. Harriet smiled and nodded "Cool." I pulled out my phone and tapped my moms contact and hit call. It started ringing and to me, it might as well be the death ring. The call that was already playing in my mind. "I don't know this girl!" "I don't know her parents!" "You know better!" 

"Hello?" I heard my mom's voice and sighed. "Mom, I have a question." "Me too. Where are you?" I opened my mouth. "With Harriet. But I-" "Who's Harriet?" she interrupted. "My friend." I looked up at Harriet and saw her staring back. "From school." Harriet looked at me and narrowed her eyes and shushed her. "Why haven't I met her? Or her mom?" I rolled my eyes. "We just haven't hung out." There was silence and then a sigh form the other end. "Where are you going with this then, Renée?" "Well, there's a storm coming in and I might have to stay at Harriet's tonight." I nervously said. You could tell I was and I knew she knew. "Keep your phone on. I'm going to be calling you." I smiled and couldn't believe she was actually letting me go. A half an hour drive isn't long, but that storm would be here by the time I got home. I don't want Harriet and her brother to be in it. 


Harriet's pov

I fall in love to fast. That was the thought in my mind right now. I fall in love and I obsess with them. Why couldn't I turn that part off, because it never ends well with me.

"Get in." Harry said and I opened the back door and climbed in as Renée got in the front. The song "Sweater Weather" was playing loudly. Harry looked over and looked at Renée. I hit Harry's shoulder as she shut her door. I gave him a look as if to kill. I wanted her and I know she's not lesbian, but she doesn't know if she could ever be. He looked back with wide eyes and his bottom lip between his teeth. 

He defiantly liked her. I could tell, he was practically fucking her already with his eyes. 

I was getting a feeling I'd have to protect her from Harry. She clearly had better taste than Harry. I watched her turn her body around as she put her seat belt on and met Harry's eyes as she tucked her wet hair behind her ear. Harry's lip was released from his teeth and he smiled at her. A smile appeared on her face and she giggled. "Hi." he chuckled back and I rolled my eyes. "Hello love." I sat back in the back seat and crossed my arms and looked out the window the whole ride home. 


"You are not staying the night, Harry." I said and pushed him back in the car. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "Yeah, I am." I grabbed my keys from my pocket and looked at Renée. "Hey, Renée," I said and she looked back. "Yeah?" I tossed the keys at her "Apartment B02." she smiled and nodded and headed towards the stairs. I made sure she was out of hearing distance. "Don't even think you're going to steal her from me." I said pointing at Harry. "How do you even know she want you, Hazzy?" I looked Harry up and down for a moment. "You don't know what she is yet." "Obviously she wants dick." I hit his arm the hardest I could. All Harry did was laugh and I wanted to just drop kick him. 

Harry shut his car door and we walked up the stairs. "We'll just have to find out what she wants, won't we?"


I sat on the couch for hours while Harry and Renée giggled and joked with each other. Wasn't she my friend? Didn't I find her? I didn't bring her here to flirt with my older brother.

They were on the floor holding hands and whispering things in each others ears. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. This was disgusting to see. Harry was a horn dog. I told her that, yet they're on the floor making mushy gushy faces at each other.

Renée yawned and Harry looked over. "Tired babe?" he asked her and she nodded. Harry turned towards me. "I'm going to go tuck her into your bed Hazzy." Harry smirked. I knew what that smirk was for and it caused me to roll up my fist. Renée and Harry walked to my door and stopped when I jumped up off the couch.

Harry touched Renée's waist and I could only wish I could. It sucks knowing she's not lesbian.

"I'll be in, in a second babe." Harry said to Renée as he reached out and spanked her bum softly. She giggled and went in my room and Harry shut the door. "Don't try anything Harry." I said and he smiled. "What are you talking about? She wants me Hazzy." I didn't know what to say to him.

Harry smirked one more time before turning away. "Don't hurt her Harry." I spoke up. "I know how you do girls. I know you hurt them. Renée is different, she doesn't deserve to be hurt, Harry." Harry furrowed his eyebrows. "I like her Hazzy. I know why you took such a liking to her. She's cute. Might have to thank you someday." he smiled and walked in the door and shut it.

I felt tears threaten my eyes as I wiped them away quickly. I just met this girl.

I walked to the kitchen to start on the dishes that were made already tonight. I filled up the sink with hot water and dish soap. I didn't like knowing what my brother was doing in that room with Renée. If anything, they were just making out. I am sure Renée wouldn't give it up after just a couple hours of knowing Harry...I hope.

Renée's POV

Harry smiled as he came inside. "Hey beautiful." I smiled back at the comment. "Hey." Harry walked over and grabbed the blanket and pulled it over me.

He sat on the edge as we stared at each other. "Can I ask you something?" Harry asked and I nodded. "Course." Harry looked away kinda shy and smiley. "What is it?" I smiled at how cute he was. Hazzy was wrong about her brother. He's very sweet.

"I've been thinking about kissing you all night. Can I kiss you?" He looked over and I swallowed hard. I was a bit nervous, but I've been kissed before. Just not by anyone who looks like Harry. He was an angel.

"Okay." I said quietly. Harry leaned in slowly and smiled as he did. My arms wrapped around his neck and my fingers tangled in his curls. His lips smashed into mine. They were so soft.

My fingers eventually trailed down his neck, shoulders and my hands settled on his muscles. My hands slid up his sleeves and I rubbed them. He was deepening the kiss and his body pressing harder against me. Harry's hands settled on my waist and gripped it tightly. He began kissing my neck softly and nipping a bit. I bit my lip as I clinched a fist full of his hair. His kisses were wet and after he would kiss and nip a spot, he'd lick it. I've never been kissed like this before.

Harry took off the tank top and left me in my bra. He kissed my chest slowly down to my belly button. His fingertips dug into my skin as he slowly drug his nails down the sides. It was so good, it caused me to get goosebumps. I've never been so far with a guy before. Farthest I've gone is being kissed. Being raised in a Christian home, I didn't want to ever go as far as that. But I liked Harry and I wanted him to like me, too.

Harry pulled at the waist of my pants and pulled them down. "Cute panties." he smiled. I blushed, because once again, being raised in a household like I was, all my mom would buy me are underwear that covers everything. I knew he was being sarcastic. "It's all I have." I said quietly. "Don't worry." Harry said as he inched down and kissed me below. I breathed in heavily. I've never ever been touched there before. I've never even touched there before. Harry raised my legs as he pulled my panties off slowly.

He brought them down and spread them apart on each side of him. "You look better without them." No one has ever seen me like this before. I felt embarrassed as Harry stared at it. "Renée," Harry said and I continued to stare. "Do you know how perfect you actually are?" I blushed again and smiled. He pulled me up by the wrists and kissed me again so passionately. My legs that were still on each side of him shook a bit.

Harry pulled back and looked at me. "Stand up." he said and I did. I pulled myself up and stood in front of him. Harry motioned me to come to him with two fingers. "Come here," he said and I moved closer. Harry grabbed my hips and his mouth then found its way below. My hands covered my mouth as I felt his tongue flick the sensitive skin quickly.

I'd so be dead if anyone ever found out I was doing this. But I loved Harry doing this to me. It felt so good and it made me feel good.

I tilted my head back and moaned into my hand. He knew what he was doing and he did it so very well. I felt bad I was doing this on Harriet's bed. But to be honest, it was worth it. She wouldn't ever have to know about this.

Harry softly moaned and it sent vibrations through me. I felt myself begin shaking. I've never been wet below before. I liked this. A lot actually.

Harry pulled back and licked his lips as he stared at me. "Jesus, Renée." I smiled down at him. "I've never tasted anyone as good as you." I didn't say anything to that. I didn't really know what to say to that.

He pulled me back down on his lap and stared at me. He pushed a piece of my hair behind me ear and kissed me again. He must of really enjoyed kissing me.

Harry unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. He pulled them down a bit still kissing me. He grabbed a hold of my right wrist and placed my hand on it. Never seen one before either. Harry breathed in a little and stared at me. "You've ever sucked a cock, darling?" I shook my head "No." I answered. Harry smiled and laid back. "I'll teach you." he laid his head in his arm and held his member in his hand. I felt like my whole body was numb. I felt nervous, not because it was my first time giving oral. But I was afraid I was going to mess up.

"Open your mouth, darling." I did. He put his member inside my mouth and grabbed a fist full of my hair and bobbed my head up and down. "Keep doing that, baby." Harry said softly. I listened to him moan quietly and make throaty groans. I was so going to hell for this.

Harry grabbed my hand and placed it on it again. "Stroke the rest with your hand." I did. He was enjoying me doing this to him. I began moving my hand in a circular motion and it caused Harry to moan more. I looked up at him and saw he was biting his lip and he looked so very sexy doing it.

I gave it a squeeze and Harry breathed. "That's so good, baby." at least I wasn't messing this up. "Your lips are perfect for this." he moaned.

I pulled up and continued to pump my hand as I liked my lips. Harry also got up and grabbed my face and kissed me. His member was hard, wet and throbbing. He pulled his pants down more and then threw them on the floor. This moment was coming faster and faster. He pulled my hand away. "I don't want to cum yet." he smirked.

I sighed as Harry laid me down. "You ready?" he asked rolling a condom on and I nodded.

Hazzy's POV

I put the last plate on the drainer and turned the water off. I then drained the sink and I cleaned it out.

I turned off the kitchen light and walked out. I didn't even want to know what's going on in that room. I was hoping it was just a very very very long make out session. He still hadn't come out. I was hoping any minute he would.

I couldn't help myself as I walked past my door and pressed my ear against it. I heard my bed creaking and I heard faint moans from Harry and Renée. This time, the tears hit me and not only threatened. It hurt hearing it and I backed away.

I hated my brother so much. He knew how I felt about her and yet, he fucked her anyway.

I grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I was crying and sniffling so much. I went down the stairs and began walking to my car until I heard my name. I wiped my face and turned to see Monica, my ex girlfriend. She lived in the building next to mine.

I turned and looked at her. She was the girl who broke my heart. She wanted more and so she broke up with me to go find it with another girl.

"Hey Mon." I said wiping my tears off my cheeks. Her smiled was wiped off her face. "What's wrong sweetie?" she asked and I looked at her. "Nothing." I replied. "Hazzy, I know you better then anyone." she moved closer to me and I backed up a bit. "I know your guard is up." I looked down at the ground "So you noticed?" "Hazzy," Monica walked up to me and grabbed my hand and held it. "I'm so sorry I hurt you baby. I turned you into someone else." I didn't look at her. I wasn't wanting to. She hurt me so bad and I'm always the one who gets hurt.

"I've wanted to come to your apartment many times and make it up to you." I looked at her and her hand was now in my hair. I looked into her dark brown eyes and she stared into mine. "Let me make up to you tonight Hazzy? I've been missing you anyway." she smirked.

Why wouldn't I? I was hurt by Renée and we weren't even together, so what the hell. I wrapped my arm around her neck and brought her into a kiss.

"Make me forget." I whispered and Monica smiled against my lips. "You know I can baby." and she took my hand and lead me back to her apartment

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