Mad for her...

Luna and Neville have always been the oddball in the crowd... Until they find each other.


1. Luna: First Glance

It was the first day of Hogwarts, but for Luna it felt like the first day of her life. She'd heard a million tales of the Great Hall, Quidditch Matches and the legendary pumpkin pies. Like every young wizard and witch in Britain, she was ecstatic to be following in the footsteps of so many famous witches. Her favourite was one of the founder of Hogwarts, Rowena Ravenclaw. She was the owner of the beautiful "lost diadem". She wondered whether she would find it while she was there...

Luna quickly pulled on her favourite dress: a yellow, frilly smock with orange sunsets on. Earlier on that week, she had been down to Diagon Alley and received her wand and robes. After yanking her suitcase out from under her bed, she skipped downstairs to be greeted by her cheerful parents.

Xenophilius Lovegood stood there, his peculiar necklace swinging on his neck. He grinned, his smile stretching out across his face.

"Good morning darling! Excited?" The pride was bursting out of him. Luna replied with a feeble "yes". The butterflies in her tummy were whacking themselves against the sides of her stomach.

They apparated to Kings Cross station, into a small room. This way no one would see them arrive. They bustled onto the "muggle" platform and scanned the pillars for a "Platform 9" or "Platform 10". Her and her father took a running jump onto the platform and landed effortlessly into a group of grumpy teenagers.

"Watch it, first year!" one of them mumbled. She ignored them and continued across the stone floor.

A group of redheads cought her eye across the platform. Except the mother and the young daughter, they were all boys- and there were a lot of them! On the other end was a boy, about Luna's age, standing awkwardly with his granny. He looked like he was looking for something. The lanky boy was cute in his own, buck-toothed way. Luna felt flustered as he walked right past her, looking for a little too long at her long, blonde hair and yellow dress.

They climbed onto the train, one by one, after saying goodbye to their parents for the last time. Luna was upset, but she was also excited to be away from home for so long. Hogwarts was waiting for her- a whole new adventure needed unravelling!

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