Hi, my name is Maddie and I am very unnoticed no one and I mean no one notices me stick around to read all about me.


13. Wow that's Surprising

“Hey  mom, hey dad.”

“Ya Honey.”

“So you know how we got a job and Parry’s Pizzaria.”

“Ya, so how was your first day?”


“What do you mean it was terrible?”

“Well we kinda had an accident.”

Then I explained to them everything that had happened at Parry’s Pizzaria. “Wow all that happened in one day?”

“Yep, it was pretty bad.”

“So me and Krista were doing that to save up for something.”

“What were you trying to save up for?”

“Well you know how we are never noticed in school and we never know why right?”


“Well Krista and I know what we could do to be noticed.”


“We would wire the school either the night before or early in the morning and then get a wireless mic and speak into it and say all school is canceled  for today and tomorrow, and all of the kids will run out screaming and being all happy then they will be like oh you're gonna be a legend!” “Well it does sound pretty sneaky and evil but it even the teachers are ignoring you I think it will be ok.”

“Sooooo will you please give me the money for it?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
“I’ve got to call Krista!”

“Your welcome!”

*Ring Ring*


“Hi, Krista its me Maddie guess what!”


“My mom and dad said that we could get it!!”


“Thats fantastic!”

“I know right.”

“We will go shopping for it in the morning.”

“Ok so tomorrows saturday so we should have enough time to go buy it come home look over how it is done then get all the wires laid in a pile of what is going to hook up the mic.”

“Your are a genius Maddie.”

“Truly Genius!”

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