Hi, my name is Maddie and I am very unnoticed no one and I mean no one notices me stick around to read all about me.


14. Today is the Day

“Krista!!!” “Today we get to go and get ready for tomorrow!”

Oh I almost forgot.”

“How can you forget?!?”

“Maddie I was being sarcastic you had just woken me up and I am very tired.”

Oh sorry.”

“It’s ok but yes I am very excited”

“Great! We should probably head out soon” “Yeah.”

The girls are walking out the door when….

There is a poof of smoke then Maddie looks to her left and Krista is gone.



“Where did you go?”

Maddie looked all over the house for her but couldn’t find her.

“Krista where did you go!!!!”

Maddie starts to tear up a little bit.

“Sure my first friend I finally get gone, disappeared!”

“I have to find her!”

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