Hi, my name is Maddie and I am very unnoticed no one and I mean no one notices me stick around to read all about me.


8. Recognizing

I have to think of a distraction so the principal will leave his office. Wait, there is someone walking up to me- they aren’t going to come talk to me are they?

“Hi,my name is  Krista.”

“Hi, my name is Maddie.”

We both sit there for a minute and stare at each other then she says something. “I’m new here….well if you consider new two weeks. But ever since I’ve been here no one has said a word to me.”

I just sit there in shock. I think to myself, I think I found a new friend. “Hey would you like to be friends?” Krista seems shocked when I say that to her.

“Yes, absolutely!” I feel sort of a relief because she can help me plan my distraction to get noticed.

“Say Krista, would you like to help me with something?”

“What do you need help with?”

Ok so I am like you I have gone to this school for 12 years and no one -not even one person- has noticed me, and I have a plan to get people to and if you help me, maybe people will notice you too.”

“Sounds great I’m in!”

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