Hi, my name is Maddie and I am very unnoticed no one and I mean no one notices me stick around to read all about me.


16. Krista you're here!!!

“Krista, Krista where are you? Mom I can’t find her!”

Then I’m wide awake lying in my bed and I sit up as quick as possible to see if Krista is there.



“What Maddie?”

“Krista you’re ok!”

“What do you mean I was just sleeping.”

“No, you disappeared and me and my mom were searching for you.”

“I didn’t disappear I was sleeping the whole time. Wait Maddie I think you were dreaming.”

“Now just go back to sleep and we will leave in the morning.”

“How could I sleep! After that traumatic moment! I don’t think so.”

“Maddie its fine I’m right here.”

“Ok, I’ll go to sleep.”

“Maddie wake up its morning!”

“Oh hi Krista.”

“Lets go get the stuff.”


About a half and hour later they were ready to go.

They finally got to the store and asked where all of the supplies were.

The man showed us where all of the things we need were and he even gave us a discount.


“No Problem, I’m just doing my job.”

“Come on Krista lets go.” “Tomorrow is Monday so we will get up early and go to school and get everything set up and then sometime in the afternoon we will announce it.”

“We are Amazing!”

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