I will find you

Jeff The Killer
Ben Drowned

Jeff has spotted one of his next victims but something's not right it seems that she's already scared of something he can't see but not caring Jeff kills her anyway not knowing that was one of Ben's victim. Ben isn't going to tolerate this as he try's to find Jeff and get his revenge.

Don't judge me it's my first time writing!xx


6. Why can't I kill you? 😡

His laughs grow louder. Jeff felt a strange sensation grow within him. He knew he couldn't kill this guy, or hurt him. And the way he tortures others is… Arousing. He shrugs off this unusual feeling.

"Just because you were playing with them doesn't make them yours."

BEN feels anger rise within him. He hasn't felt this kind of anger before. Sure, he had the occasional temper tantrum when a victim ignored him. And of course he was angry about being drowned, but this… BEN slaps Jeff across his scarred face, causing an old scar to open, and have a small amount of blood seep out of it and smear on BEN's fingers. BEN sees the strange substance on his finger, and licks it off.

Jeff stares at the man before him and slashes at him once more. BEN still phased through the knife. Jeff couldn't help but notice how… Attractive this man was, tasting the blood on his finger. Jeff laughs

"I've put up with a lot of shit, I can deal with you. They are my victims and you don't need to come around my territory. I've won in all the fights against me."

BEN smirked softly and licked his lips. He was amused by the unblinking killer and wanted nothing more than to take control of the situation and play a game with the ebony haired man. He phased behind him, now mockingly petting at Jeff's hair.

"Oh, but now you see you have met me. What a terrible fate indeed."

Jeff laughed at the man. He can't help but think that his catchphrase sounds absolutely ridiculous.

"You look tired. You should go to sleep."

Jeff attempted to slash at him again out of instinct but still nothing. This boy can't be killed, but that won't stop Jeff from trying.

"What the fuck are you anyway? Some little elf getting all bitchy because I killed his so called "victims?"" Sarcasm reeked in Jeff's voice. He thinks so little of the man before him.

Words escaped BEN. He didn't know what to respond to the insult that was thrown at him. He looks up at the male, comparing their heights for the first time. Of course, BEN is much shorter than the other man, but that doesn't give him any right to be treating him like that. A fucking elf? This guy is taunting him and every second of it truly gets under his skin. He lets a feral noise escape his chest as he lunges for the psychopath. The smiling freak clatters to the ground and BEN pins the male to the ground. His forearm pressed against Jeff's adam's apple.

"Useless now, aren't we?"

Knowing his own strength Jeff easily flips them over so he was on top of BEN, pinning him down.

"The little elf doesn't know what he's up against…" Jeff holds BEN in place, he can hold him there, but as he tries to stab him nothing happens. BEN can't move, but he can't be attacked either.

"Now tell me, what the fuck are you!" Jeff demands, irritated.

BEN glares and spits at the male holding him down. He tries to roll and thrash to get the distinctly heavier male off of him but there is no use, this killer is much stronger than him.

"I haunt the cyberspace and manipulate the users of video games and other media for my pleasure. Most see me as a glitch they have to fix until they slowly dwell in insanity and kill themselves."

Jeff feels aroused at this man's sick mind. He had never thought about anyone in such a way before. He had only slept with hookers before, never once a consensual, two person desire for the action.

"So… I can touch you but I can't kill ?

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