I will find you

Jeff The Killer
Ben Drowned

Jeff has spotted one of his next victims but something's not right it seems that she's already scared of something he can't see but not caring Jeff kills her anyway not knowing that was one of Ben's victim. Ben isn't going to tolerate this as he try's to find Jeff and get his revenge.

Don't judge me it's my first time writing!xx


2. This can't be real...

She doesn't hesitate, as if she is frightened or intimidated by some other unworldly being. Something with a power she couldn't quite grasp. She glances at the screen before her. It's one of those bot chatting websites. It's probably ridiculous, and it most likely wouldn't hurt to see how the conversation goes.

"Hello?" She types into the computer.

"Hi." She gets a response.

"Who is this?"

"You're computer."

"Seriously, who is it, and how are you controlling my computer?"

"I am your computer."

Panic strikes through her body and she moves to close the laptop. She shouldn't be taking this seriously, and yet she can't help herself. Before she could close it however, more text appears on the screen, before she can write back. That's strange. Weren't these things supposed to wait for responses?

"Play the game."

Her eyes widen. This was impossible. There was no way that the computer could know anything about her games. Or the problems she's been having with the game Majora's Mask. Hopefully, there was a glitch in the programming of the website. There was no way it could know what games she played. Especially when it was on a completely different console.

"What game?"

"You know the one. Majora's Mask."

Heidi's breath quickens in panic.

"No! This is fucked up!" She writes back.

"I know. I like it."

( A/N ~ Heyyy guys ,sorry this one was really short but I'm still trying to figure out how Jeff and Ben meet up. But anyway tell me what you think about the story so far and tell me if you think I should keep going ,Okkie Bye <3 )

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