I will find you

Jeff The Killer
Ben Drowned

Jeff has spotted one of his next victims but something's not right it seems that she's already scared of something he can't see but not caring Jeff kills her anyway not knowing that was one of Ben's victim. Ben isn't going to tolerate this as he try's to find Jeff and get his revenge.

Don't judge me it's my first time writing!xx


1. My computer is... Alive...

Heidi glances at her digital clock. It reads off the time '3:00AM' and Heidi knows she should be going to bed. However, something is stopping her. She looks at her laptop. She feels as though it's calling to her. She had recently bought a copy of Majora's Mask due to her strange hobby of collecting old video games. She figured that when she is older, that they would all be worth a fortune. She wasn't expecting this.

Ever since she had bought that game, strange things have been happening. The Elegy statue has been following her. Not just in the game, which she assumes is some running gag amongst the creators, but also in her dreams. No, not dreams. Nightmares. She had been seeing it in her nightmares. It was always behind her, chasing her. It'd stare at her with that cold, blank expression. What the fuck is wrong with the game? Why would she be getting a message like this?

She looks at the item she now has in her hands. Her laptop? When did she grab it? She doesn't even remember anymore. She can't remember walking to pick it up… could it be possible that this statue… this energy...was controlling her now?

It's been weeks since she'd bought Majora's mask. She hasn't gotten any sleep since, or at least, minimal sleep. Was that the statue she just saw in the corner of her eye? No. Her mind must be playing games with her. She exhales. There's nothing out there. Nothing to be afraid of. She looks at the laptop again. Surely It couldn't hurt to open it and just blog or something. She had been obsessively blogging Majora's mask pictures, along with that statue. She was writing notes in her journal about everything that was going on. However her sanity was slowly vanishing, and her writing had become nothing more than scribbles a child would draw. But it couldn't hurt, right?

Giving into the urge, she opens her laptop and presses start. Her laptop hums as it warms up. She jumps and screams, seeing the laptop background had been set to the statue. Those evil empty eyes seem to stare into her soul. She opens Tumblr, and starts her blogging. She is greeted by her followers, who like all of her posts, and comment on her notes that she decides to post. Apparently, this has happened to several others, who agree with her notes and say the same has happened to them. She begins to type her notes, but as she does the words "Hi" and a link to were finding their way to the screen. How could this be possible? Her computer… communicating with her? She shrugged it off as some sort of glitch. Or maybe a friend was messing with her. Or her sister borrowed her laptop without her knowing and started writing a message to her friend, and forgot to close the document. One of those has to be it. She stares at the link given to her- no not given to her. Left there accidentally.

Suddenly, more words find themselves on her screen.

"I'm waiting."

Shivers run down her spine as she sees those words appear. She keeps telling herself that it must be some sort of prank, because this isn't possible. More words come on her screen.

"Click the link, now."

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