I will find you

Jeff The Killer
Ben Drowned

Jeff has spotted one of his next victims but something's not right it seems that she's already scared of something he can't see but not caring Jeff kills her anyway not knowing that was one of Ben's victim. Ben isn't going to tolerate this as he try's to find Jeff and get his revenge.

Don't judge me it's my first time writing!xx


5. Meeting Jeff

Jeff approaches his prey from the other side of the room. He stands behind him, not making a single sound. He watches him type rapidly on his computer. The way he types is with immense and uncontrollable fear, as if each key he pressed was another second to his lifespan. Jeff exhales deeply. The boy stops his typing and gains a face of pure horror. He turns around only to be met with Jeff's blade to his throat. The blade causes a slick, sickening sound as it goes through his neck, and out the other side. The blood gushing out of both sides of his neck splattered against the walls and the computer screen.

BEN shouts through the screen, angry that another one of his prey was lost to the hands and blade of that smiling menace. He, breaking everything he knew about his own haunting and entrapment, reaches through the computer. He takes a deep breath as he becomes a part of the living world that was this still bleeding and deceased boy's bedroom. The blonde steps over the bloody mess and a growl situates itself in his throat.

"You…" He was seething.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Jeff stares at the smaller boy before him. His first instinct is to stab him. He pulls his hand back and slashes at him with the knife, but it does no good. This creature phases through the knife. Jeff is taken aback, unsure how this could be possible. Even all those years back when he attacked that faceless man in the woods, he had been stabbed by Jeff. Jeff could harm him, even if it couldn't show any emotion or pain.

The blonde boy laughed mockingly and popped the bones in his neck and shoulders, getting used to being part of this world. The smiling killer didn't look so happy now. BEN reached forward, touching his male's wrist, right under the handle of the knife. The warm skin is the first thing for BEN to touch in the living world.

"Yes, I am real. Never doubt that."

"What are you…?"

Jeff asks attempting to stab him again, but to no avail.

"Are you the motherfucker scaring all of my victims before they die?" Jeff started laughing uncontrollably, a usual reaction to get out of him.

The heckles on the back of BEN's neck rose at that. They were his victims, not this murdering psychopaths.

"No," BEN seethed, moving closer. Every laugh falling from the male's lips cracks his resolve a little more.

"I was playing with MY victims that YOU stole from me."

Jeff laughed at the shorter man.

"Everyone is my victim."

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