I will find you

Jeff The Killer
Ben Drowned

Jeff has spotted one of his next victims but something's not right it seems that she's already scared of something he can't see but not caring Jeff kills her anyway not knowing that was one of Ben's victim. Ben isn't going to tolerate this as he try's to find Jeff and get his revenge.

Don't judge me it's my first time writing!xx


3. I can find you! I will find you!

More shivers of fear rush down her spine as she abruptly slams the laptop closed. She keeps telling herself to calm down; her breathing becomes quick as her mind races though all the possibilities this could have.

What if someone was watching her? Stalking her in the shadows, hiding behind corners, and hacking her computer to talk to her? She runs through the house and closes all of the curtains. Her heart pounding in her chest as she did so. The a single thought runs through her mind. One that almost caused her heart to stop.

What if ghosts are involved?

She shakes her head. That couldn't be it, she doesn't even believe in ghosts. And yet… something about this situation seemed surreal. As if it wasn't actually happening, or it was but, something else was involved. Something unreal.

Or inhuman.

She runs up into her bedroom, hoping to escape the fear that was chocking her downstairs. She slams her door shut and locks it, pressing her back against the door and breathing deeply. She was safe now. There was no way any other person could see her, or get into her room. And if- she doesn't want to humor the idea, but it was a possibility- this involved spirits, they wouldn't be able to get to her until she slept. She moves around quickly and locks all of her windows, and shuts all shades, and creates makeshift curtains, blocking any view anyone could have from her window. She lets out a breath of relief. The false sense of security overwhelms her mind, as she gets ready for bed.

She changes into a simple nightshirt and shorts before getting under the covers on her bed. Sleep started to find its way into her mind. The warmth of her body heat within the blanket was comforting. She faces the wall, on the border of slumber, when suddenly she hears a crash in her room. She bolts up, her hair is in her face and she looks around her room.

Her eyes widen at the sight to be seen on the other side of the room. There, in the darkness, she sees a man. This man is distorted and doesn't look human, or at least not anymore. His eyes never close, and watch her. She is instantly reminded of the statue. This figure has an unnaturally long smile forced into his features and blood is stained around his mouth. Speaking of blood, the liquid is splattered all around his white hoodie. She sits there, too frightened to scream, and too awestruck at the man's horrendous features.

The man pants heavily, and says the phrase he has said to hundreds of others.

"Go. To. Sleep."

This breaks her trance as she lets out a scream of horror. Pleads of mercy find their way stumbling out of her mouth.

"Don't kill me. Please! Don't kill me! I'll do anything! Just leave me alone…" She begins to cry and this unknown man pulls out a knife and swings it at her heart. The knife is sharp and easily breaks through her skin. The Man's strength is amazing, inhuman even. He pins her down, using only one hand and slides the knife across her stomach. He muffled her screams by taping her mouth shut, and he pulled apart the pieces of flesh, and began to pull out her intestines.

Minutes turn into hours, as the muffled screams get softer, until she completely gives up on fighting. This man rips the tape off of her mouth, and brought his knife up to her lips.

"I'm going to make you beautiful, just like me." The man whispers in her ears as she blacks out. The man doesn't care if she isn't around for the grand finale. He places his knife in the corner of her mouth, and pulls the knife up to her cheekbones and then repeats the actions on the other side of her face. Laughing at his job well done, the man licked the blood off of his knife. This man, Jeff the Killer, slowly made his way out of the house and into the blackness of night.

BEN paces back and forth in cyberspace. He glares at everything in his path. He can't believe what he had just witnessed. That disgusting smile grated on every nerve in his body. That evil smile was forever frozen in his memory. Who the hell did that murderous, unblinking… thing think that he was? Coming out of absolute nothingness and stealing one of his victims? BEN wouldn't tolerate it, that girl… that victim was his. Not that smiling killers.

"I can find you." He whispers maliciously at nothing, licking his bottom lip. He knew he would. That murderer would be his toy as a replacement for the one he stole.

"I will find you" He laughs out loud at the absurdity of this entire event. He had never been in any form of battle before unless it was mind games with his victims, but he enjoyed a challenge.

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