Don't Cry

17 year old Kimberly's life was going perfectly ever since the day she was born but when new kid Harry Styles comes into her life, he makes it even better but he also makes it worse.


14. The Big Question!


It was almost time for the talent show and I was so exited to see all of the epic fails from random strangers! Is that a mean thing to say? Oh, well. It's true! Tonight is going to be epic!


Tonight was going to be epic! I was hardly nervous about asking Kimberley. The excitement was overpowering the nerves!

"Harry, It's time to leave for the show!", I heard Kimberley's voice shout up to me.

I was ready for this!



I was so exited! This night was going to be hilarious! I'm glad I'm not one of these people that actually signed up! Me and Harry both sat down on cinema style seats and huddled up together as the show started. Before the last act came on Harry said he was going to get us some drinks but why would he get drinks towards the end of the show? Come to think of it, Harry has been acting really weird through the whole show. I knew something was up. Just then my trail of thought was interrupted by the sound of the last act being introduced. I guess they saved best for last. This is gonna be great!


I was the last act! Well, sort of... I may have kinda got somebody to sing to Kimberley and at the end I would ask her the question but this wasn't any person. It was Zac Efron! Am I the best boyfriend in the universe or what?


The last act was about to start and Harry still wasn't back. I was starting to get a little worried. I was about to go and look for him but then suddenly... The act was called... ZAC EFRON! At first I didn't believe it so I turned my head to make sure and yep it was him! I was holding back so many tears and screams! Then the most amazing thing happened! Zac said:

"This song goes out to Kimberley Littlewood and it's from her amazing boyfriend, Harry. He wrote the song so don't let me take all of the credit!".

I laughed while rubbing away my tears of happiness as the spotlight went on me and Zac told me to come to the front of the room so obviously I did! 

"This song is called 'Happily'!", He said and I cried even harder went I heard the song!

At the last lyric of the song Zac handed the microphone over to Harry and seeing him made me smile so much! The last lyric if the song he sang was...


The last lyric,I was on one knee with the little box in my hand and I sang:

So come on Kimberley, will you marry me?




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