Don't Cry

17 year old Kimberly's life was going perfectly ever since the day she was born but when new kid Harry Styles comes into her life, he makes it even better but he also makes it worse.


6. Sometimes I Can't Forget


It was the next day after I had spent most of yesterday with Kyson at the hospital. All I could think about was Harry and when I said no to his kiss! What is wrong with me? First of all I'm dying for Harry to kiss me and date me and then when he finally asks me to I totally reject him! UHHHHH!!! After I had finished dying over Harry I hear the doorbell ring so I quickly run downstairs and open the door to once again discover that amazing face of him! I ask if he wants to come inside and just to my luck he does. I tell him to wait in the living room while I get him a drink. Then we started to talk.

"So how are you and... Taylor?", I ask him kinda hesitating.


Kimberly just asked me how me and Taylor were doing. Of course I would tell her we broke up but if I tell her it's because of what Taylor said, I might scare her away. I really want me and Kim to work so I don't want to say anything that might make her hate me before we're even together!

"Uh... we broke up yesterday", I said to her. She was being so comforting but honestly, I didn't need comfort.

"I'm so sorry, Harry. How did it happen?", She asked me with a really concerned face. Damn it! I knew she would ask me how we broke up but what do I say? Luckily, I was saved by the sound of Kimberley's voice saying:

"Oh... I'm sorry. You don't want to talk about it. Do you?". I gave a small shake of my head and then the room when really silent and it was kind of awkward.

"Hey, Kimberley about yesterday, I'm really sorry for trying to kiss you." I said to break the silence.

"It's ok. I was just really upset It wasn't your fault.", she said.

"I just got so lost in your eyes."


'Lost in your eyes' 'Lost in your....' 'Lost in ....' ' Lost....'. The voices of Chase started talking to me again. I thought I forgot. I guess sometimes I just can't forget. I moved away from Harry.  


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