In His Arms

For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe that was for the best. Sommers life was changed forever when she met One Direction.


7. Chapter 7


We were sitting in the living room just chillin and having a good time. I really liked it here with them I'm happy with them and I don't remember the last time I was happy. "Remember that time when we were running from fans and Harry fell and the fans ripped his clothes off so he had to run the whole way back to the hotel in his underwear!" Louis said busting out laughing "I loved the fact that they had spongebob all over them" Zayn said joining in the laughter with Louis "that was my lucky pare but not anymore. I don't dare put those on anymore" Harry said while his face turned bright red. I looked at my watch and saw the time it was almost 5:30pm so I die coded I would start getting ready. I got up to head to my room when Zayn said "where are you going?" "I'm going to get ready for tonight" I said "tonight? What's going on tonight?" Liam asked "oh I'm taking Sommer to dinner" Niall said. The boys looked at each other with grins on there faces "dinner? Like a date" Harry asked with a grin "yes kinda like a date" Niall said and he started to blush "AWW NIALL HAS A DATE" Louis shouted "shut up Louis" I giggled then went to my room I grabbed my dress and headed to the bathroom to get ready. I curled my brown hair then put a little bit of makeup on I checked the time and saw that to was 6:35pm and we were leaving at 7:00pm so I cleaned up my makeup then went back in the room Niall was laying on the bed in a button up long sleeve grey shirt with black jeans. He looked so handsome. He stood up when he saw me and just stood there. "Wow you look amazing" he said "your not to bad yourself" I said and he laughed "so where are we going?" I asked " to the Cheesecake Factory. They don't have any in Ireland or the UK so I wanted to try it" he said "oh I've always wanted to go there but it's expensive" I said "money isn't an issue anymore so don't worry. You can have anything you could ever want now" he said which a smile. I didn't know how to respond so I just gave him a thank you smile and then put my shoes on and grabbed my clutch and put my phone in along with my lip stick and perfume. "By guys we're leaving now" Niall yelled as we walked to the door "bye have fun" Louis yelled back and we heard a bunch of laughing I looked at Niall and he was blushing an it made me smile.

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