In His Arms

For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe that was for the best. Sommers life was changed forever when she met One Direction.


6. Chapter 6


We walked into my favorite store and I started looking through the racks I had already bought a lot of stuff but Niall said you never have enough clothes so here we are buying more and more clothes. I saw a purple dress hanging up on a display but I knew that it was expensive so I didn't even bother trying it on but I couldn't help but look at it. It was a fit and flare purple dress that came right above the knee and had a black belt with a darker purple flower on it "that would look stunning on you" Niall said "what?" I asked "that dress you've been staring at would look beautiful on you. You should go try it on" he said with a smile "oh I don't know it probably cost a fortune and you've already spent a lot of money on me" I said "oh nonsense your gonna try it on" he insisted "but.." I said but he had already left to go get the dress. I came out of the dressing room and Niall had a huge smile "wow you look amazing" he said looking me up and down he had grabbed a grey sparkly clutch and sparkly high heels. He had a great sense of style if you ask me "thank you but I don't know when i would wear it" I said it was true it was quite fancy "how about tonight for dinner?" He said with a grin on his face he stood up and walked toward me "dinner?" I asked confused "yes I want to take you to dinner tonight just you and me" he said taking both my hands in his "like a date?" I asked "yes a date but it doesn't have to be if you don't want it too" he said "well Niall Horan I would love to go on a date with you" I said "good I was scared there for a moment you would say no" he chuckled "now why one earth would I say no to you?" I giggled then went to put my clothes on. Niall payed for the dress then we went back to our hotel. "I had such a great day thank you for buying all these beautiful clothes" I said with a smile "a beautiful girl like you deserves beautiful clothes to wear" he said and winked at me. He carried my bags inside and put them on the bed. We went into the living room and hung out with the guys

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