In His Arms

For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe that was for the best. Sommers life was changed forever when she met One Direction.


5. Chapter 5


I woke up to the smell of bacon. I sat up and looked at the clock it said 10:00am. I never slept this late before Chris always made me get up to make his breakfast before he goes to work. I wonder how he's doing. No Sommer you can think about him he's in the past no more Chris. Niall walked into the room "good morning Sommer how did you sleep?" Niall asked I rubbed my eyes and said "good that's the best I've slept in awhile" "good I think you needed it" he smiled "well breakfast is ready if you want to come eat with us" I got out of bed and stretched "good I'm starving" I said rubbing my belly he laughed then we walked to the kitchen I fixed my food and sat beside Harry and Niall "is that all your gonna eat?" Niall said with big eyes. I looked at my 2 pieces of bacon and a piece of toast "yeah why?" I asked I little confused then looked at niall a plate and saw 10 pieces of bacon and 4 pieces of toast I smiled at how much he eats it's kinda cute "well no wonder you starve" he said laughing I shrugged it off and are my food "who made this bacon?" I ask "I did" Harry said proudly "do you always cook the food?" I asked "sometimes but we mostly eat out" he said "so I was thinking we could go shopping then head to lunch after " Niall said "ok that sounds like fun but I don't have a lot of money" I said "don't worry I'm gonna pay for whatever you want" Niall said while getting up and taking our plates to the kitchen "no y'all are letting me stay with you I don't want you guys to pay for my clothes too" I said "oh nonsense I'm paying whether you like it or not" he said. I don't think I'm gonna win this one so I guess I gotta let it go "alright fine you win but I'm gonna get a job and pay you back" I said "no your not gonna get a job lady's shouldn't have to work that's the men's job" he said while walking to his room "well then how will I pay for the things I need?" I asked "well first tell me what you need" Niall said "she needs tampons stupid" Louis yelled from the living room I heard all the other boys laugh and I started to blush Niall just smiled "well I have that stuff covered too" he laughed and poked me in the stomach I roles my eyes and went to the bathroom to get ready

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