In His Arms

For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe that was for the best. Sommers life was changed forever when she met One Direction.


4. Chapter 4


"My stomach hurts from laughing so hard" I said holding my stomach "I've never laughed so hard before in my life" Niall said while opening the car door for me "neither have I" I said while hopping into the car Niall gets in the drivers seat and starts the car. He looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says "do you think you'll stay?" He asked I smiled at his question and looked out the window "yeah I think I will. You guys make me forget about my past like nothing ever happened and I think that it's about time that I move on and start a new life. Here. With you guys" I said then looked at him and smiled "good I'm glad I can be apart of your new life" he said then drove off

We get to the hotel and head to our room I'm really excited for a new start at a better life it's something I really need and the fact that I get to share it with One Direction is HUGE this is very girls dream and I'm here living it. Liam unlocks the door and we all go in "you don't have anything to wear do you?" Zayn asked as if he was talking to himself "oh I didn't even think about that" I said "I might have something you could borrow then we could go shopping tomorrow" Niall said as I followed him to his room I sat on the bed as he went through his closet trying to find something. He came out with a black shirt and some grey sweats. "Here try these" he said handing me the clothes "thanks. So where am I gonna sleep?" I asked shyly "you can sleep in my bed" Niall said nervously "oh no not with me I didn't mean..." He started turning red and I giggled " I'll sleep on the sofa bed is what I meant and you can sleep on the bed" he said "thanks" I said walking into the bathroom to change. I came out and Niall wasn't in there so he must have went to bed I out my clothes on the desk. I crawled in bed and laid there thinking about everything that has happened today. What if I never grabbed the tickets before I left Chris. I would have never been here I would hAve never met One Direction. I barred my face in the blankets and I smelt Niall. It was a soothing smell not the kind you drooled over but it was calming and at that I fell asleep.

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