Escape [h.s]

He wanted freedom so he ran


2. Prologue

He didn't know that with all the fame, comes less privacy. He wanted to have freedom. To be Able to just walk around without people following him. Without people bombarding him of questions. Questions that are sometime ridiculous and all those rumors that are just full of lies.

He wanted to know what it feels like to be free again. To be able to do things without being judged. To be able to say words freely. And most of all, to be able to love someone without anybody judging the girl he chose. Without anybody hating on the girl he loves.

He wanted to know what it feels like to love someone and be loved back. He wanted to know what it feels like to have someone love him for who he really is. Harry Styles. The boy from Cheshire. Not Harry Styles from One Direction.

He wanted to do things on his own without someone coaching him and telling him what to do.

So what was his solution?

He escaped.

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