The Expiriment

Lilly cant remember. there is something missing. She lives by herself, in dauntless. She thinks her parents are dead. Can she discover the truth about her life?


3. Remember?

The voice startled Lilly from her thoughts. "Hello?" No one was there. It was as if someone had gotten into he head. But no. That was impossible. She was suddenly certain she had imagined it, and felt foolish for thinking otherwise. As she walked on to the train platform, she saw her classmates gathered near the tracks: the train was coming. She quickly ran to catch up, and made it just in time, barely catching the handle on the side of the train. Her shoulder slammed into the door, and soon a hand reached out and pulled her in. "Hello... Lilly." The boy said it as if he couldn't remember her. No not the boy: Emmet. In her head, memories of them growing up together flashed. Why did he hesitate when saying her name? "Hello" she replied. They sat down together, there arms touching. She looked over at his weirdly unfamiliar face. He had bright green eyes, and floppy brown hair. His expression made him look as confused as Lilly felt.

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