Under the bridge,

Ingrid Goldsworthy lived in a town built on suspicion, yet she didn't know why, and couldnt find the right time to ask. That was until the day that her neighbour was kidnapped, and she was the only witness, the day that no-one seemed to care about her friends disapperance. They all seemed to know something that she didnt.
That was the day when she finally discoverd the truth about what lay under the bridge...


3. Surrendered...

I wake with my hair matted to my head in a clot of wetness, as I place my hand to the source of the pain, my fingers red before my eyes. The amount of blood I've lost unknown, I feel woozy and light headed. My head begins to sting forming a large headache.' Cassie?' I moan, my head hurting as I speak.

'Ingrid, is that you?'

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